Friday’s Fave Five

In keeping with the Christmas past theme I’ve got going on here (and yes, one post does indeed a theme make, particularly when the posts are so few and far between), I thought I’d join in on Susanne’s Friday Fave Five carnival with five favorite Christmas card pics from Christmases past.

I love this one of my oldest two when they were my only two. It seems in bad form to have a favorite shot with only half your children but I love this reminder of how sweet and precious they once were, especially since now they tower over us all…

And, while I’m posting only half our quiver, here’s my second son’s first Christmas. Aren’t they cuties?

I am also partial to the shots with my oldest son holding a wadded up newborn. As you know, two Christmases two years apart found us with a two week old baby. Here’s our Christmas card picture with #3 son as a baby:

And #4 son when he was brand new; though I don’t think this shot actually made the card I still love it:

And my all time favorite picture of my guys. They are 6, 5, 3 years, and 12 months respectively.

And because I couldn’t choose just five, here’s a few more…

Do you have five favorites this week, pictures or otherwise? Link up at Susanne’s and let us know!