Status Report, January

Sitting…at the table in the breakfast area. The dining room is a certified disaster area.

Drinking…coffee, black.

Enjoying…having the house to myself for a whole day for the first time since sometime in mid December. I have looked forward to this day probably more than is healthy.

Wishing…you a happy New Year! It’s not too late for such sentiments, is it, even on the 12th of January? Seeing as how the blog has been dark and our “conversation” silent for several weeks, it seems appropriate to me. So, happy New Year!

Missing…my college students who went back this past weekend. It was a long, good break and it was good having them home. My husband and I remarked yesterday how spacious and quieter things seem with them gone. However, my dishwasher and washing machine will be glad for the break! Four versus six is a big difference in terms of laundry and dirty dishes; something I had conveniently forgotten.

Climbing…back into real life, whatever that is. But I’m ready.

Packing…packing, and more packing. We’re moving the end of this month so, yeah, real life, whatever that is, has been pretty crazy around here.

Cramming…for the start of Bible study tomorrow. I’ll be teaching James and I’m eager and nervous and excited and overwhelmed and more than a little insecure. In other words, about par for the course. If you’re local, I hope you’ll join us!

Reading…whenever I can get a few minutes’ downtime. I recently finished The Invention of Wings. I enjoyed it and thought it very well written. I didn’t love it but epic stories spanning decades aren’t my favorite so there you go. I also just finished You Can Pray: Finding Grace to Pray Every Day and I highly recommend it!

Happy January, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “Status Report, January”

  1. Good to hear what’s going on. A move in January. I do hope that all goes well. Happy New Year! You are starting it off with a lot of new…

  2. Laughing at being glad to have the house all to yourself. I feel much the same way. Daniel has been home quite a bit between holidays and taking time off to help me with Tirzah Mae – and it didn’t take terribly long for me to wish him back at work. Not that I don’t love him and love having him around – it’s just that he disrupts all my routines. And even if he’s keeping to himself, he’s generating *noise* – listening to a podcast or watching a show. Having him return to work means life starts feeling normal again.

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