Status Report, October

Sitting…at my dining room table

Drinking…coffee, black

Wondering…how many of you were surprised to see a post from me after my last bit of drama, even if this is a only mere status report!

Confessing…I’m just as surprised as you are!

Laughing…just a little at myself. I mean, in my last post I referenced that Kenny Rogers commercial where he is (supposedly) singing with annoying repetition. Ironic, isn’t it, that I am probably guilty of a similarly annoying repetition? I mean, I am pretty certain I’ve asked similar existential questions and lamented similar blogging conundrums in posts past. Several posts past. Oh well.

Grateful…for you all and the kind encouragement you sent my way after that last post. It means so much to know my words are both wanted and appreciated. Y’all are the best. Thank you.

Considering…a 31 day blogging challenge to jumpstart the blog. I know, crazy, right? There’s Nester’s 31 Day Challenge beginning today but I’m pretty certain it’s well beyond my capabilities. For one thing, I can’t create a button to save my life (I know, I know, what, seven, eight years of blogging and not even the most basic blog skills to my name!). And, I for sure cannot blog semi-intelligently about a single subject for 31 days straight, should I even be able to come up with said single subject. However I am intrigued by this challenge within Nester’s challenge. So who knows how my day will progress? You may see a five minute post show up later on today and maybe, just maybe, for 30 days after that… Maybe.

Reading…Middlemarch by George Eliot. Longtime readers (and I mean long, long time) might remember me attempting to read this, purportedly one of the greatest novels ever, several years ago. This is how it went down: after going to the library with the intention of checking it out I noticed my name scribbled on the card three times and this without me having ever finished the book! Well, embarrassed yet determined, I then just bought my own copy of the book. No way was I going to check it out four times to read it for the first time. But that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten.  So I’m trying again, muddling through, waiting for the greatness to sweep me away. Will it?

Adjusting…to life as a family of four. It is so weird. I was getting out the plates for supper the other night, four of them. Only four. I told my husband that this just isn’t right. It’s not right. We are a family of six! Now, I know my oldest has been out of the house for a year and a half but the way I see it five is still pretty close to six, you know, if you round up. But four? It is weird.

Loving…the cheetah print bag my girlfriends convinced me I needed when we were shopping in Orlando before TGCW14. I mean, at 80% off I didn’t need that much convincing and did I mention cheetah? But my friends know me well and I love it. And them.

Podcasting…again. My Bible study lessons are posted online each week. You can find them by clicking the “Teaching” tab above or by searching by my name on iTunes. If you listen in, I’d love to know what you think!

Realizing…again how much I love–and need–to teach. Is it weird to say I need it? I think I do, but not in some sort of unhealthy idolatrous way. At least I don’t think so. The Tuesday mornings I spend in the Word with the women in our study are so precious to me. What grace to be granted such a privilege! I love it.

Welcoming…October with open arms and eager excitement. Like my friend Melissa has said, the -er months are my favorites! But then again I even like January and February so there you go.

Happy October, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “Status Report, October”

  1. Yes, hooray for the -ber months! 🙂 Funny you remembered that…

    Let me know if you make it through Middlemarch. I started the movie once, and was done within 20 minutes!

  2. OK. That bit about only taking 4 plates from the cupboard….I’ll be there one day. And I imagine I will feel the same way. Just think of all the GRANDCHILDREN, though!!! 😉 Happy October!

  3. I recall the first glimpse of taking only 4 plates out to set the table with 3 sons were away at camp. It was sad and not normal and I can vividly recall how I did not like it. But now we are taking only 2 plates out and each time we miss even one extra. And yes, now we can welcome a grandchild or two, which is a delight. I would laugh at how when we are first married, cooking for two was such a delight, and then we come to the place where we think why should I cook, there is only 2 of us! Welcome back and I had listened to your podcasts on the Sermon on the Mount and am excited that you are doing Philippians as we will be doing that book in our Small Group beginning next week.
    ~Lou Ann

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