The Middle Years: There’s good news, too!

At Out of the Ordinary this month, we are focusing on midlife, middle age, the middle years, whatever you want to call this unique and strange stage of life I, and my fellow authors, find ourselves in. Today it’s my turn and I offer some encouragement that the news isn’t necessarily all bad…

“I’ve done my research, ladies, and growing old, it’s not pretty.” I was a young mom at the time and the speaker’s ominous warning, though intended to be funny, filled me with dread. Who wants to grow old? Especially when it’s as bad as all that? No one, me included.

Fast forward a few years (or more). I am today in, or at the very least on the cusp of, the stage of life we were warned against, and, yes, the speaker was indeed correct–there are some, shall we say, unpleasantries. Hormones, that extra weight around the middle, wrinkles, graying hair, and did I mention hormones? This is also a time of transition for many of us, an emptying nest and aging parents, for example, and with transition often comes its own kind of heartache.

I have to say, though, that for all its unique difficulties and changes, I kind of like life here in the middle years. There are good things, aspects to be enjoyed, not the least of which being that my kids can not only bathe and dress and cook for themselves but they can also drive themselves where they need to be, can I get a big YES and AMEN.

Seriously, though, here are three facts of life in the middle years that I appreciate…

Read the rest of my post here. Whether you would consider yourself in the middle years or not, I hope you’ll be encouraged by the truth that the Lord is faithful no matter the stage of life.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

One thought on “The Middle Years: There’s good news, too!”

  1. I liked your post. We always think when I get past this age or this stage of my life things will be so much better. However, we have our insecurities and without our Lord we would never make the journey. Eventually we get to be the little old lady sitting on the sidelines with all our ailments but still enjoying friends and family and rejoicing that I have a wonderful savior who loves me and continues to watch over me.

    Aunt Bett​

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