Shelter in the storm

As I write this, my area is bracing itself for potentially severe weather later today. We have not easily forgotten the devastation of the tornadoes whose anniversaries we marked this week. Schools have dismissed early and we wait and we hope for the best.

Some friends of ours recently had a storm shelter installed at their home. I have no problem with shelters in general but there’s only one way you will get me in one and that’s if I am knocked out cold and you drag me in. In other words, I’m taking my chances with the storm. The mere thought of going underground and shutting the door, well, that freaks me out way more than any tornado.

I laugh and say it’s because to live is Christ and to die is gain, which is true, you know, but really I have an intense dislike of confined spaces. Claustrophobically inclined, oh yes, indeed, and I have to see the sky. “There’s a small slit,” one friend countered when I confessed I’d rather just fly away some glad morning. “You can still see the sky. And there’s a wench if the house or debris falls on top of the door.”

A wench? “Nope. Can’t,” I replied.

Not in a million years. Especially after the conversation then turned to the possibility (real? imagined?) of flooding in the shelter. No way, no how, no thank you. Take me home, Jesus!

I’ve written here before, several times, about tornadoes and God’s sovereignty. I’ve reflected on the tornado that hit my town four years ago, I’ve pondered the incredible display of the might and majesty of God’s power, I’ve wondered about the goodness of God in the midst of that kind of destruction and devastation. And here we are again.

There is great mystery to the truth that God rules and He reigns over all. Sometimes things happen we don’t understand and still He is good and He is love and He has purpose and plan. How is this? I don’t know. He is God and I am not. Will I trust Him? That is the question.

So, should a storm blow our way and the sirens blare I won’t be in an underground shelter (not in a million years) but I will huddle under the stairs with those I love and I will remember: God is in control. And I will trust Him.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “Shelter in the storm”

  1. This made me smile. I don’t like storm shelters either. I never even went into our basement this afternoon with these rounds of storms. Hope you’ve stayed safe, friend.

  2. I have not seen one of those things that I thought was nearly large enough. I will just have to trust in the Lord to watch over me and if it is time for Him to take me home, I am ready when He is,

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