A heavy heart

I write with a heavy heart. My community is grieving the sudden death of one of its own. I couldn’t sleep last night for thinking of the family, the mom especially; as a mom of sons I can not imagine her loss. It is heartbreaking. I am heartbroken. We all are.

Brain cancer, a young man’s death…there is so much sadness. So much grief. I can only pray and beg the Lord for mercy. Mercy for my friend as she begins chemo and radiation. Mercy for her husband and her boys. Mercy and grace and the comfort of the Spirit for our friends who grieve, who woke this morning with the weight of incomprehensible loss heavy on their hearts.

So I feel a little silly telling you I wrote a post about ordinary life. But, as I think on it, with the brevity of life and the reality of suffering at the forefront of my mind, yes it may be a little silly but I think maybe it is also wholly appropriate. Life is short, indeed it is, and your life, like mine, is most likely comprised of all things ordinary. But let’s make it count. For the sake of the kingdom and the glory of our Savior, yes and amen.

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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “A heavy heart”

  1. So sorry for the loss in your community. As you said, life is short. We should cherish every minute and keep praying to God for His will to be done and for comfort to see our friends through their losses.

  2. I too have been feeling a HEAVY weight for the heartache and overwhelming sorrow sourrounding me…..
    I, too, have asked God to pour our mercy upon mercy and grace for those who are broken hearted and overcome with deep grief!
    I must admit, although only in minute ways, I feel the sorrow and burden for loss and sorrow for so many!
    Then, like u, I am compelled to get up and as Elisabeth Elliott so aptly told us, “Do The Next Thing”……in othewords, we must continue to take care of the ordinary things, remembering we have left all the sorrows and cares for those we beseech for-at the foot of the cross.

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