Happy Dance

Longtime readers will know that I tend to wax nostalgic at the close of a Bible study unit. To look back and see the Lord’s faithfulness over a course of study is overwhelming to me and my gratitude abounds for my friends and fellow Bible students who journeyed alongside.

This study, however, is a little different. That nostalgia, that gratitude, today it’s compounded several times over because TODAY WE FINISHED THE OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS!

Cue the caps lock, the happy dance, the victory lap, and the high fives. All are appropriate and warranted because the prophets, y’all. THE PROPHETS. Obadiah, Nahum, Haggai, all of those seemingly mysterious and remote, and frankly irrelevant, books of the Bible, we covered them. We not only covered them, we learned from them. We studied their messages and we heard the voice of the Lord speaking not just to their specific historical audiences but to us as well. We saw the holiness of God, the horror of sin, the justness of God’s wrath, and the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes and amen.

Given my elation and sense of accomplishment, I have to ask myself what I thought would happen when I took this leap of faith way back last August and September. Truth be told, I had no firm idea of how it would all come together but two things I knew for sure, I was in over my head and no one teaches the prophets. I mean, no one.

I think I worried a little that after a few months, or after only a few weeks maybe, all that would remain of our group would be me and my friend who loves me, everyone else unafraid to tell me the harsh truth that there’s a reason no one teaches the prophets and that I really had jumped off the deep end.

I was wrong, blessedly and gloriously wrong.

It is, obviously, difficult for a teacher to exercise her gift absent any students. I tell my class from time to time–and never have I meant it more than I do today–that they are the Lord’s grace to me, His goodness pressed down, poured out, rich, overflowing, abundant. I wrestle with teaching, not only the call and the gift, but also the actual doing. Sometimes I dread it as much as I love it, maybe more. I know quite well that there are more gifted, more knowledgeable, and certainly more skilled teachers of the Word. Just check out the video study section at your local Lifeway store!

But the ladies who join me on Tuesday mornings, these friends of mine, these godly women whose love for the Lord and for His Word challenge and inspire my own, week after week they sit before me with their Bibles open and their hearts eager and attentive and I am so humbled I could nearly weep.

Grace. It’s all grace. The Lord is so faithful! Cue the happy dance; we finished the prophets, y’all!



Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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