Of charms and bracelets and things precious

My husband’s grandmother was a godly woman we loved and miss very much. Her generous laughter, her “crunchy” pound cake (always with a slice missing, she had to test it out, you know, see if it was edible), her melt-in-your-mouth yeast rolls, these are some of my favorite memories of her.

Granny knew I loved coffee and would always brew us a pot in her ancient percolator. We would sit at the table, she and I, sipping our coffee, and she would invariably say, “I like my coffee hot, don’t you, Lisa? The hotter, the better.” I would smile and nod a little, though, between you and me, her coffee was entirely too hot for my taste. And while we’re keeping it real, let’s just say the percolator might should have been retired back in the 70’s. But she knew I loved it so she loved it and so I loved it for her sake. It’s what love does.

She adored my boys and all her grands and greats. In their honor she wore a pin with a charm for each grandchild and each great-grandchild. Upon her death I received five of these silver charms, one for husband and each of my four children. Inscribed on each charm is their name and their birthday. She wore them proudly. Now they are mine.

Not long after Granny’s passing, my sister gave me a bracelet and had Granny’s charms attached. Over the years since I’ve added many charms to my bracelet, some to commemorate special occasions, some as gifts, some just because they are fun and I like them.

My husband, my boys, their names are there on Granny’s charms. Memories, happy ones, of vacations and graduations and other life events, have charms representing them. There is the flag charm I bought for myself when an article I wrote about my grandfather serving in World War II was published–for money! Even my dog Darcy has a charm or two in her honor.

I wear it almost every day, thus it’s something of an identifying mark. Recently I reintroduced myself to a newcomer at church. No need, she remembered me because of my bracelet. Its noisy jingle-jangle also tends to give me away. “I knew it was you,” one of my boys said to me the other day, “because I heard your bracelet.”

I love my bracelet not only because it is a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry (which it is!) and not just because it gives others an easy and always welcome gift idea (which it does!) but also because, like Granny wearing her pin commemorating those she loved best in the world, it serves as a reminder of things precious to me.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “Of charms and bracelets and things precious”

  1. Love this! I am the same way, love eating off the plate ware that my dad ate off everyday when he was little love drinking out of my great grandfather’s coffee mug. I tend to like have their everyday items that they really used over the china they never touched. Great article.

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