A word to the weary

Some more thoughts on sameness and weariness and gospel hope at Out of the Ordinary today…

As D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones writes in his must-read book, Spiritual Depression, “this [tendency to weariness] is what we may call the danger of the middle period. It is something which is true not only in the Christian life as such, it is true of the whole of life.” Speaking specifically of the Christian journey, he says “No longer are we surprised at things, as we were at the beginning, because we are familiar with them and know about them…nothing seems to be happening, there does not seem to be any change or advance or development.”

I’m in the middle period, I think. Nothing seems to change. No advancement, no development. Same old PB&J sandwiches, same old loads of laundry, one right after the other. Same old failures, same old sins.

I’m weary.

Lloyd-Jones offers a good word of encouragement (and conviction) to those of us worn out in well doing, who wonder if our perseverance will pay off, who feel lost in the drudgery of the sameness of our lives…

See the rest of my post at Out of the Ordinary here.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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