Status Report, March

Sitting…at my dining room table.

Drinking…coffee, black.

Bidding…a not-so-very-fond farewell to February. Good bye and good riddance and all that. As I’ve confessed before, I generally like winter and even February, but this year? not so much.

Welcoming…March with open arms, be it lion or lamb, it matters little at this point. Spring is coming, y’all. It really is.

Posting…this on a Saturday which isn’t exactly a blogging best practice but oh well. The five of you who are actually reading know this blogger well enough to know that, Saturday or no, the posts come when they come.

Missing…my guys who have all gone their separate ways at the moment. I like a quiet house–my introverted love of solitude is alive and well, don’t get me wrong–but I still miss them. On a Saturday especially. I am glad my dog Darcy is here to keep me company.

Wrapping upmy teaching unit on the Old Testament prophets in the next three weeks. Way back in September the thought of teaching an overview of the prophets was more than a little daunting and yet here we are almost at the end. The Lord has been faithful! I have learned so much and I hope the ladies in my group have as well. A big thank you to those of you who have joined us online. Isn’t technology amazing?

Thinking…about what to teach next, both for a short five week unit in April as well as next fall. New Testament, definitely (!!!), maybe 1 John or Titus or perhaps the Sermon on the Mount for the unit in April before we break for the summer. Any thoughts?

Anticipating…Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection of my Lord as well as the arrival of Cadbury Mini Eggs in stores! I bought a bag this week! Jesus is better than chocolate, yes and amen, but I am thankful for the common grace of candy coated milk chocolate eggs.

Reading…The Atonement by Leon Morris. It’s among my friend Rebecca’s favorite recommendations and I am finally getting to it. I also just began Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. A favorite fiction read so far this year? Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. I loved it.

Walking…my dog Darcy around the block once I hit publish on this post. Happy March, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

One thought on “Status Report, March”

  1. I’ve been studying the Sermon on the Mount, and there’s so much there. Think of it: Jesus’ first sermon—he packed it full! It would make an excellent course, but to do it justice would take more than 5 weeks.

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