Status Report, February

Sitting…at my dining room table

Waiting…on the Keurig to heat up so I can have a cup of coffee. Have I mentioned my love for my Keurig? I have a traditional coffee pot too, you know, for when large quantities of coffee are required, like in the mornings, every morning, yes and amen. The Keurig, however, enables me to quickly brew and enjoy a cup (or two) throughout the day. I love it.

Feeling…slightly chilled after my walk with Darcy. It’s 38 degrees out, much warmer than some of our recent temps, but damp from last night’s rain. A damp chill is difficult to warm, hence the aforementioned cup of coffee.

Prepping…for Bible study tomorrow. We made the decision late last Monday to not meet, a good call as we were all surprised by the winter weather that quickly descended the next morning. I had already done a lot of my prep work so this week I’m ever so slightly ahead of the game. Hence time to publish a (pseudo) post such as this one.

Noticing…I used “Hence” to conclude both of my previous paragraphs and I’m not even going to edit it.

Thankful…I live in a smallish town, for many reasons, especially so this past week after the horrible winter weather conditions in Birmingham and Atlanta. Driving was treacherous here too but we were all able to make it home safely and in a reasonable amount of time.

Announcing…I am on iTunes (go, me!). If you’re a podcast listener and you’re interested in the audio of the study I teach, you can subscribe here. And I know it says “Lisa Spence by Lisa Spence” like I’m the title and the artist but I can’t figure out how to change it. Sigh.

Weirding out…just a little over putting my lessons out on the WORLD WIDE WEB. A friend remarked on the vulnerability that accompanies such exposure. Yes, I KNOW. So why, exactly? Some of you have asked for it and who knows, others may be interested. I know for sure and for certain there are better, more gifted, Bible teachers out there and by all means, please, avail yourself of their teaching. But if by listening to my offering you are encouraged then I am beyond grateful and profoundly humbled. And I mean this: if you do subscribe and listen, I’d love to know what you think. You can shoot me an email; constructive feedback is always welcome.

Enjoying…an exciting high school basketball season. It’s my son’s senior year and they are having a fabulous season. His team is currently ranked 7th in the state and last week they upset the third ranked team in one of the most exciting games ever, no hyperbole employed. I was jumping up and down like a crazy woman! We all were! I will be sad to see this season end, especially knowing it’s my boy’s last.

Reading…The Gospel Centered Woman by my friend Wendy Alsup. Good stuff! I was especially encouraged, and by that I mean convicted big time, by her chapter on contentment, godliness and great gain. Consider this:

[Y]ou and I have adequate, sufficient supplies for this season. For this struggle. We have something that bridges the gap between those things for which our piety and devotion to God calls us to long and the reality of our experience at this very moment. We have a bridge between our godly longing and our fallen reality that sufficiently equips us to deal with each struggle.

It is the gospel.

The gospel is this bridge. God has done something through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ by which He is able to “make all grace abound to you.” He has done something through Christ that sufficiently equips you and me so that we are abundantly supplied for every good work He has called us to do, this kingdom living that stands in such stark contrast with our fallen earthly reality.

Yes and amen.

Now drinking…coffee, black. Thank you, Keurig!

Looking forward…to my Stitch Fix delivery this week. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Stitch Fix here on the blog but I really enjoy it. For the uninformed, Stitch Fix is a styling service, each fix containing five clothing and/or accessory items sent to you based on your style profile. You can sign up for monthly fixes or just schedule them as desired; you can buy all five items or send back what you don’t want in the convenient postage paid envelope provided with your fix. There is a styling fee that is applicable to your purchase. I like it because each fix is a surprise and almost like getting a present, except of course it’s a present I have to pay for and the items are slightly more expensive than I usually purchase. But then again I don’t have to go out and shop so that’s a win in my book. Anyway, if you’re interested, or if you just want to judge me for my frivolity, here’s a link so you can check it out.

Thinking…still…about this blog and writing and what I want to say and can say and should say and how to say it all and if the saying is even worth it. I’m wrestling too with transitions and growing old(er) and wondering who I am and who I will be. I have lived so long in the present day with its cares and worries (laundry, basketball, Bible study) that sometimes I worry I’ve neglected the future day. Who will I be then? I can’t figure it all out so I think I’ll just go put on another load of laundry.

Happy February, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “Status Report, February”

    1. I’ve received four fixes so far, I think. Some things I’ve really liked, some not so much. But, like I said, it’s fun and I’ve purchased a few items I probably would have never picked out for myself. I may do a follow up post about my fix…but I don’t know, is that too much like blogging for fun? 😉

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