On teaching, podcasting, and a woeful lack of technological savviness

So Bible study started this week. I think I told you I’m continuing the overview of the Old Testament prophets, this week’s lesson being on Obadiah. Yeah, that’s right, Obadiah. As I asked in last week’s post, I mean, really, when was the last time you heard a ladies’ Bible study lesson on Obadiah? I imagine your answer is the same as mine: never. At least prior to Tuesday, that is.

I recorded my lesson Tuesday and, wonder of wonders, posted it online for whosoever will to listen. Here’s the link or you can click over to my newly-published, handy-dandy “Teaching” tab at the top of this page. There are a couple of rules, however, should you choose to listen.

  1. No making fun of my Southern drawl. I live in Alabama and I sound like it. And,
  2. Should I misspeak or say something incorrect or heretical, and I probably will at some point, however inadvertently, please let me know. And by that I mean: be kind enough to let me know, like in an email or something, before you let anyone else know. I hate I feel the need to say that, and of course all my readers and listeners are kind and respectful, but, hello, the internet is what it is and has become. Sad.

Oh, and by way of disclaimer: the audio isn’t great, I know that. I recorded with my iPhone and actually at the start of the first (and only so far) podcast, there’s a few seconds silence because I couldn’t figure out if I really was recording or not. A technological savant, I am not. Just keepin’ it real.

So there you go.

I hope to publish the podcast on iTunes and I’ve actually spent a frustrating two hours already this morning working to that end without success. I’m getting a warning from iTunes that I cannot understand even after googling. In other words, as I’ve already confessed, my technological savviness is nearly nonexistent. When and if I get the iTunes option up and running, I’ll let you know.

One final disclaimer: despite the fact that I’m actually, you know, recording and uploading, etc., I hesitate to even tell you because the last thing I want to do is advertise myself or my lesson as superior or even podcast-worthy. I really am just a humble Bible teacher with no training, not even a public speaking class, much less any sort of seminary or theological education. What I have, however, I offer freely: a love of the Word of God and a passionate desire for other women to love it as well. Bible study has profoundly affected me and my real, everyday, humble, ordinary life and I want the same for you! So I podcast with what I hope is a singleminded desire: for more women to hear the Word taught and then in turn to want to know more (and more and more…). I pray that if you listen you will be encouraged to know and love Jesus even more by knowing His Word, the Bible.

So there you go.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “On teaching, podcasting, and a woeful lack of technological savviness”

  1. Your Southern voice is delightful, Lisa. And even more lovely is your obvious love for the Lord Jesus and for the women to whom you’re speaking.

  2. I am holed up in the house today with two children under 5 and temperatures below freezing. I so enjoyed a few moments of respite while listening to your podcast. Cleaned the whole top floor while you taught from Obadiah. Never knew bible study by podcast could be so efficient! ~Alison

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