Status Report, January

Sitting…on the sofa in the den in front of the gas logs. It’s cold, y’all. Ten degrees when I got up this morning, a balmy 16 now.

Drinking…coffee, black. As I will do throughout the day no doubt. It’s cold, y’all.

Reading…nothing at the moment, nothing since Saturday when I finished two books in the same day. Usually I have some idea of what I want to read next but I can’t decide at the moment. I think maybe reading all the year end favorites lists has given me a case of reader paralysis!

Enjoying…the quiet and solitude of an empty house, yes and amen. My husband is back to work, the boys are back to school, and it is once again me and the dog with the house to ourselves. I love having my guys home, don’t get me wrong, but as an introvert of introverts I like my alone time too. My college student left yesterday and I miss him.

Wanting…to make some goals and plans for the upcoming year but finding the process daunting. I went to Staples a couple of days ago with the full intention of purchasing notebooks and dividers and all sorts of organizational tools in order to facilitate journaling and note-taking and the like. I stood in front of the notebook display, I stared, and I left. Empty handed. To say I was overwhelmed and more than a little intimidated would be an understatement. And all the blog posts and lists of questions intending to help one delineate priorities for the new year? Maybe I’ll just plug along in my same old unplanned, goal-less way of life…

Anticipating…the start of Bible study next Tuesday. If you’re local and free at 10am come join us! We’re kicking the new year off right with a lesson from Obadiah. Yeah, you read that right. I’m excited. I mean, really, how many ladies’ Bible study lessons have you heard from Obadiah?

Realizing…that 2014 will be another one of those years full of change and transition. My second son graduates in May and leaves for college in August. I’ve been through this before, I know, but I’m thinking the knowing makes it worse. Ignorance is bliss and all that. I dread him leaving though I am so, so, so proud of him and the man he has become! I will say, however, that the Old Spice commercial about moms and sons? CREEPY and I am not *that* mom. I will not. I refuse. Please, y’all, stop me already.

Pouring…another cup of coffee. It’s cold, y’all.

Happy January, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

6 thoughts on “Status Report, January”

  1. It was 10° at wake up here, too…and not much warmer now! Our kids missed school today because of the extreme cold. Crazy weather. Yesterday’s high was 65°.

  2. Hi Lisa, I know exactly how you feel. Quiet house around here too…only it’s -22C where I live! Five feet of snow, wind off the frozen lake…I love it!
    Enjoying your blog on such a day as this.

  3. We finally made it up to twelve degrees today. It was one degree this morning! I was looking forward to that empty house you are talking about so that I could study, but school’s been cancelled and I picked up another kid.
    Loved this line, “Ignorance is bliss and all that.” I’m reveling in my ignorance on that matter…

  4. Oh my goodness…I just saw that Old Spice commercial and it is creepy. I looked at Dear and said “what were they thinking?” You all are way colder than us…balmy compared.

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