Waxing nostalgic and a meme

It’s interesting to take a step back and survey the phenomenon that is social media. We’ve been talking old school blogging this week and it is strange to me to think that back when I first started blogging, lo these seven years ago, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all had yet to make their mark on the Internet world. In fact, I well remember my friend from college trying to convince me to join Facebook. Being fully immersed in all things bloggy, I couldn’t see the use nor the appeal. And Twitter? Who could figure that out?

How little did I know.

It amuses me now, my ignorance, yes, but also the progression of popular media involvement from blogs (hundreds of words, especially, ahem, here at this site) to Facebook statuses (500 characters is it?) to Twitter (140 characters) to Instagram (a single image). What’s next? Sharing a single color?

Consider too a popular posting game making its way around Facebook today where friends assign friends a random number and they must in turn offer a corresponding amount of little known facts about themselves. We did this via our blogs years ago! Only we called it a meme and tagged each other to participate.

I recently scrolled through the really, really old posts here at Lisa writes… As I do so, I am struck, not so much by the memes and the tags, though some of them were lots of fun, but by my lack of self-consciousness. I wrote honestly and openly back then and, while it’s true some of my posts ought never have seen the light of day, I miss that absence of reserve. Of course, back then there was no one reading save myself and my husband so I could write quite easily and without restraint because, really, who would know?

I’m feeling like an old timer here, waxing nostalgic about the good ol’ days. As such I’m not sure a post like this qualifies as frivolous retro blogging! I guess my point is that, sure, blogging in the good ol’ days was different, and one could argue it was funner. Certainly there were no experts telling us what to write and how to generate SEO and goodness knows what all else the successful blogger needs to do in order to be so. Does that mean I have to follow suit? Can frivolous retro blogging about nothing of consequence make it in today’s blog market? Does it really matter?

No, not to this blogger. I’d rather write what I feel like writing, when I feel like writing. And maybe you will read. Maybe you won’t. I’m fine with that.

I think.

So, anyone up for a meme? Here’s 7 things you may not know about me and if you want to play along, consider yourself tagged!

  1. My favorite color is black.
  2. I am an introvert among introverts. Small talk, extroverts, and social gatherings all intimidate me more than you can know.
  3. I have something of a lipstick problem, the buying especially. I probably have no less than 8 tubes in my purse right this moment.
  4. Closely related to #2 above, I love being at home to the point I could easily be a hermit. Really. My husband has to talk me into vacations. Seriously. I’d just rather be home!
  5. My favorite novel of all time is Pride and Prejudice. I know, it’s everybody’s favorite novel but it’s especially mine. I read it at least once a year!
  6. I can’t sing. At all. I mean, I do sing but it doesn’t really qualify as, you know, singing.
  7. I nearly always have a secret stash of dark chocolate somewhere in the house. My current obsession: Ghiradelli’s Dark and Sea Salt Caramel.

Other facts about me that aren’t so much unknown as known: I love coffee and I love the Lord Jesus, yes and amen.

Tag, you’re it!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

14 thoughts on “Waxing nostalgic and a meme”

  1. I’m with you on #2, #3 (because I can never find a shade that looks as good on as it does in the tube), #4, and #5. I ♥ Dark & Sea Salt Caramel, but I’m not smart enough to have a secret stash (and if I did, it wouldn’t last long – AT ALL!)

    And for the record, I will ALWAYS read your blog…frivolous or not.

  2. I am an “on the fence-trovert” but I am also a homebody. I didn’t used to like dark chocolate, but after North Carolina last March, I’ve seen the light. I don’t wear lipstick ever. I think Neil would wonder who I was if I wore it. I do, however, wear Chapstick. And I love Pride and Prejudice, too! Close tie between that and Sense and Sensibility. And I miss singing with my daughter; we used to do it a lot. And I personally love it whenever you blog, and I hope to see it more often.

    1. Thank you, friend! Who can know what the blog future holds? 🙂 I do love Sense and Sensibility as well but I think Persuasion carries second place for me in the favorites by dear Jane.

  3. I like that, an “on the fence-trovert”. I’m not a true extrovert but compared to my dear husband I am. I like social events if I don’t have to get dressed up for them. I only wear lipstick if I’m going to a wedding, a work function with my dear or if I’m going to be on stage (the cooking variety) . I like to stay at home in my robe as long as I can into the late morning. I love to sing and like to communicate in song lyrics sometimes. I have no secret stashes. As soon as I start hiding the Vodka you know I’m in trouble!! I love Jesus, too, and like to say His name out loud to see what kind of reaction I get from people.

    1. I love that: saying His name out loud to see what kind of reaction you get! I like seeing your comment here; you are one of my early blog friends so it’s fun to know we still cross (virtual) paths! And staying home in your robe? I knew we were kindred spirits!

  4. I am an introvert and wonder if I could be considered a certified shut-in because I work from home and we used to homeschool. 🙂 Lipstick is only for social occasions which are few and far between so it’s lip balm every day. I love dark chocolate (Trader Joe’s is the best) and P&P. I used to read all of JA’s novels every year before I discovered theological books.

  5. I miss the old blogging days but with my new job I’m barely keeping my head above water and my blog is going adrift as well. And managing to visit other blogs is virtually nil. I always love popping in for a visit though. Hugs to you, my friend!

  6. #2, me too. And I so miss the old way of blogging. Can we bring it back? 🙂 It was so much more about community than it is now. In order to grow my blog, I needed to interact with other blogs and tag and read and comment. Now, it’s about networking, but without contact. It’s caused me to back away, but I miss it. Probably time for me to jump on board the new bandwagon…at least a little. 🙂

    1. Ditto, Sarah! Networking and branding and linking all make me back away too! I am glad to know I’m not alone in my introversion and in my nostalgia for the old ways. Maybe we can both of us find the balance between the old school and the new school… Thank you so much for commenting! Yours is another blog friendship from way back and it makes me happy to see you visit again!

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