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Here’s a quick update on my husband’s recovery from his bicycle accident. As you know, he broke his collarbone and fractured his hip socket almost three weeks ago. He will have surgery on Wednesday to repair the collarbone but the doctor thinks he will need another six weeks before he can begin to use his injured leg.

My husband is, as you might imagine, beginning to get a little restless though I’ve admired his patience throughout the whole process. Several friends have told us how much better they felt after having this sort of reparative surgery so he is eager to go ahead and have it done, hopefully speeding up the recovery process. His injuries are only temporary and completely fixable but, still, it’s been hard.

He’s been able to go into work which has been great. Some good friends of ours had an electric wheelchair that he’s borrowed to get around the office. Some other friends of ours lent him a recliner that has been a lifesaver in terms of comfort and a good night’s rest. The hospital bed was incredibly uncomfortable (and understandably so!). I’ve only cooked but a few times in the past three weeks as friends have spoiled us with meals and desserts and even a loaf of homemade sourdough bread!

In other words, we are so very rich in an abundance of support and friendship and we are grateful. Of course, all things being equal, we’d rather none of this happened but experiencing the kind of love and kindness that has been our privilege to receive? It’s overwhelming. From my friend’s kids who pray for my husband every night to the meals and the phone calls and the visits to the emails and the prayers to our boys who have stepped up and stepped in, we are immeasurably blessed. You will never know how much even a simple text message is appreciated. Thank you, all of you. We pray that the blessings you have extended to us will return to you a hundred times over!

The Lord has been good. Fatigue and frustration have been very real battles for both of us, my husband more so, but we can say with certainty that the Lord’s mercies have been new every morning. Great is His faithfulness!


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Author: Lisa Spence

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