What I Might Have Blogged, Had I Blogged

Well, well, well. Here I am yet again, climbing my way back into the blog world following an unintended hiatus. Lest you despair, faithful reader, here’s a glimpse into life as we’ve known it this past week or two, yet another compilation of all the wise and wonderful (not to mention witty–ha!) blog posts I might have written, had I actually written. So, here’s what I might have blogged, had I, you know, blogged…

  • My husband and I marked twenty two years of wedded bliss! I have now been married half my life! Had I blogged I would have certainly testified to my profound gratitude for him, for our life together, and for the countless ways he demonstrates the grace of the Lord Jesus to me daily. He loves me well. I love him so. I am blessed.
  • I would have told you we made our first prospective college visit with our number two boy. It was a great visit to a gorgeous campus but I have to admit to a certain degree of dread and denial. I would have to confess to you that while my first son’s flight from the nest was met with ignorance to the sense of loss I would experience, I am under no such delusion now.
  • Y’all remember that post I wrote at Out of the Ordinary about melancholy funks? Well, I paid for that in spades as did my husband and family, bless their hearts. It’s one of the irrefutable laws of blogging: you write about it, you deal with it in compounded intensity. That post, had I written it, probably would not have been pleasant, not for the writer nor the reader. Who really wants to read a big ol’ pity party put to words? Aren’t you glad for my blogging reticence in this instance? I am. You’re welcome.
  • We just returned from vacation and I could have shared all the fun we enjoyed. We spent several days in Atlanta combining vacation fun with family visits. Six Flags, the Georgia Aquarium, the Coca-Cola museum, and Stone Mountain park, all that plus my nephew’s birthday party as well as hanging out with my husband’s parents–we had a really good time.
  • I could have told you about yet another dream I had about Bible study and my lack of preparation. In this dream there were a couple hundred in attendance (definitely a dream!) but they all left before I began to teach, filing out one after another. I was also barefoot while standing at the podium so who can really know what all this means?
  • Speaking of teaching I might have also written a book review of Saving Eutychus, another book on preaching that I enjoyed very much. I am part of this week’s blog tour sponsored by Cross Focused reviews so this is a post that I will actually write. Look for it this afternoon or tomorrow!
  • Speaking of books, no doubt I could have churned out a post on books and reading and how I just finished a book I wanted to love but didn’t so much and how I had to lay aside a book I was sure I’d enjoy but didn’t like at all. Sigh. It’s looking like my favorite reads of the summer will end up being books I’ve read many times over (I’m looking at you Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and Harry Potter)! I suppose old friends really are the best friends!

No doubt there were many more blogging opportunities over the last couple of weeks but here is something of a snapshot of life as we know it. And, just as I’ve asserted at the close of each of my “What I might have blogged” sorts of posts over the years: real life, we are living it and I pray we are living it to the fullest, in the measure of joy and grace that the Lord has granted to us in this season. He is Life!

And, speaking of blogging and not blogging, I have a post up today at Out of the Ordinary about weariness and the hope of eternity. Actually, it’s not so much a post as it is a quote from a favorite book of mine and, just keepin’ it real, it’s a post that originally appeared here at this blog about three years ago. Still interested? Click here to check it out.

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Author: Lisa Spence

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