A summer frame of mind

Summertime, summertime. I am no fan of summer, as is well documented here on the blog, but my dislike is based mainly on parameters like the heat and the wearing of shorts, neither of which I enjoy nor feel comfortable in. Other parts of summer I do like, quite well actually, all my guys being home for one, not to mention the slower pace and the opportunity to catch up on the sorts of projects that are difficult to find time for in the more hectic pace of the school year.

Despite my good intentions, the blog has suffered a little from this summer frame of mind. I’ll say it again though I’ve said it so often that the five or ten of you who still read with any degree of regularity are no doubt weary of it: I really didn’t intend for the blog to go dark for two weeks. But it happens and in my newfound deliberate disregard of all blogging rules I will not worry about it. Much.

In case you really have missed me and my confessions and conundrums, here’s a quick look at what I have been enjoying in lieu of actually blogging:

Soccer. As the state champions, my son’s soccer team competed in the southeast regionals a couple of weeks ago, making their way through pool play to a berth in the semifinals where they lost to South Texas. It was exciting and nerve-wracking and more than a little bittersweet, as you might imagine. I have been more nostalgic than perhaps I should be but I’m realizing as I did with his older brother: we are entering our year of “last’s”. This is his senior year and quite frankly I’m not sure I’m up to it.

Savannah. My husband had to go for a business trip so two of the boys and I accompanied him for a quick visit. We were able to walk through some of the historic district–before a heavy thunderstorm hit–but would have liked to have had more time to explore. The boys and I also got a few hours poolside which was a nice change of pace for us.

Sister. Mine, that is, and her two children came for a weekend while her husband was out of town. Her kids are 5 and 6 and we had a great time! My sister and I shopped a little at a few antique and thrift stores which was big fun (she bought a few “treasures” but I came home empty handed). I wish we lived closer, she and I. I miss her.

Projects. Yes, you read that right. Several months ago I made color copies on my printer of old handwritten recipes my mom had accumulated from my grandmother, great-grandmother and others. Last week I scavenged the house for old frames, spray painted some of them, and framed the recipes and hung them in my kitchen. I am quite proud of myself! I am (still) in the process of painting and attempting to distress an old chest my mom had given me a year or so ago. I’m like a project maniac and it is crazy!

Image 2 Image 1 Image

Are you as impressed with me as I am?

Jane Eyre. My church’s bookclub read Jane this month and following our usual discussion we watched the movie projected on the big screen at church. It was so fun! We all loved the book and the movie both. It’s one of my all time favorite novels and I am glad I took the time to re-read it.

Other summer employments I’ve busied myself with: reading, laundry (always and forever), summer basketball games, initial preparations for fall Bible study, and watching British murder mysteries.

So summer has been good and I am thankful for the summertime vocations that keep me busy as well as the summertime pace that grants me opportunity to slow down, to pause, to rest, to savor. Maybe I’m a fan after all.

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Author: Lisa Spence

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