Status Report, June

Sitting…on my back porch. I’ve been pretty much living out here, at least in my spare moments. It’s definitely porch season, the weather being so beautiful and not (yet) so very hot. The very best porch time is fall, of course, but I am a lot busier then so my porch time is more limited.

Drinking…coffee, black.

Enjoying…the slower summer pace although this week is proving to be quite busy.

Working…through Joy!, Keri Folmar’s study on Philippians and finding it both challenging and encouraging. A brief glance at the workbook may cause one to wonder how much writing of the study Keri really did as it is comprised primarily, almost exclusively, of questions. Let me tell you, asking good questions is no easy task and Keri asks really good questions, questions that probe and expose and point the student to the Scripture. I’m in week 2 and so far, really really good.

Learning…yet again the difficult truth that humility is often taught through humiliation and that’s all I want to say about that.

Celebrating…my expectant friend and her soon-to-arrive baby girl at a shower tonight. Baby showers are the most fun!

Grateful…for my church family. We are approaching the five year mark of our journey together. Five years! The Lord has been so good to us. We had a “family meeting” this past Sunday night, our version of the church business meeting, and as the church clerk made her report we applauded both before and after. I whispered to my husband that surely we were the only church to applaud the church clerk and he replied “it’s because we love each other.” And we do.

Walking…my dog Darcy as soon as I publish this post. She is currently barking at me, impatient to hit the streets I suppose!

Happy June, friends!


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Author: Lisa Spence

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