Book recommendation: Glimpses of Grace by Gloria Furman

I’m not certain when I first crossed virtual paths with Gloria Furman. However, I do know when our real paths crossed and that was at The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference last summer. Prior to the conference she and I exchanged a few emails brainstorming about the possibility of a blogger get together, and get together we did along with maybe 15-20 other bloggers in what seemed to be the wee hours of the morning on the second or third day of the conference. It was great fun to finally chat with her in person after knowing her via her blog and tweets.

Gloria is as humble and genuine as she appears onscreen. She is passionate about writing and about the gospel; thus her efforts to combine the two are infused with God-exalting joy. When she speaks of treasuring the gospel in her home it is no mere intellectual exercise nor only the premise of a book instructing one to go and do likewise. It is real and the reader senses this as she is confronted by Gloria’s humility and the gospel’s glory.

I am speaking, of course, of Gloria’s (first) book Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home. From the publisher’s description:

Sometimes life feels a lot like a burden—day-in and day-out its the same chores and tasks, challenges and discouragements, anxieties and responsibilities. Dust bunnies show up on the stairwell, social commitments clutter the calendar, and our families demand daily attention and care. At times, just catching our breath seems like an impossible feat.

So where is God in all of this? Does he care about the way we unload the dishwasher or balance the budget? Do the little things like changing diapers or cooking meals make a difference? And how can we use our spheres of influence for God’s glory and our joy?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working woman splitting time between the office and home, Gloria Furman—writer, pastor’s wife, cross-cultural worker, and mom—encourages us to see the reality of God’s grace in all of life, especially those areas that often appear to be boring and unimportant. Using personal examples and insightful stories, her richly theological reflections help us experience the gospel’s extraordinary power to transform our ordinary lives.

As I read, I found this description to be spot on. Encourages us to see the reality of God’s grace in all of life, check. Richly theological reflections, check. Helps us experience the gospel’s extraordinary power to transform our ordinary lives, check.

Perhaps you find the “home” focus to be a slightly off-putting. If I’m honest, I was too, just a little. I am a homemaker, don’t get me wrong, and I certainly need gospel-hope and gospel-cheerfulness in my homemaking vocation, yes and amen. I suppose I assumed, and wrongly so I was happy to find, this might be another one of  *those* homemaking type books that do little to encourage what with its lists of organizational tips and such. I also wondered, since I am, you know, an old-er woman and Gloria younger, would I find it a little out of touch in relation to my current stage of life?

Well, not only was Glimpses of Grace relevant to me and my life as I know it now, but it totally got in my business and I mean that in the best possible way. Rather than a discussion of the home, it is instead a discussion of the homemaker, more specifically the homemaker’s heart before the Lord regardless of where she works, in the home or at the office. Treating subjects like hospitality and loneliness and pain and contentment, and all with truth and grace, Gloria consistently points the reader to the good news that Jesus saves sinners, sinful homemakers included. I saw myself in its pages and at one point I sent Gloria message asking “How did you know?!?!”

Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home is an encouraging book that I highly recommend. I loved it. I loved Gloria’s honesty and her joyful testimony of the Lord’s sustaining grace. I loved its rich theological foundation. I was humbled as I saw once again the glorious grace of my good God in the midst of the mundane of my life and I rejoiced in Him. I am confident that no matter your stage or age in life, you will find much to encourage and edify as you too catch glimpses of grace in the ordinary.

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Author: Lisa Spence

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