Morning and evening

My friend Staci and I have joked a little between ourselves about pulling posts out of our draft folder. After she and I both experienced semi-success with a couple such posts (success for me being, of course, a relative term), I suggested “Draft Pile Monday” or some other such meme. After further thought, we both admitted that most of our drafts are such for good reason.

However, today’s post comes to you from the draft pile. Why it has languished there I’m not certain though there is a sentence or two that could probably use some reworking (hello, compulsive self-editor who will never die). Since I am publishing the post as-is, I’ve kept those sentences as they are and “last night” is obviously not, you know, last night (let’s hear it for truth in blogging)…

We have a swing on the front porch. When the boys were little and the days long, I would sometimes ease my way out the front door–stealthily! silently!–to the swing and the dark of the night and the quiet and the stillness and the alone-ness. I would sit (alone) in the peace of the evening and think, swing and just be, mentally and emotionally resting from the demands of the day.

Inevitably my escape was short-lived and I would finally be found. I never minded, not at all, not when a small head would peek out the door and squeal in his discovery and run to join me on the swing and we would laugh and talk and be and sometimes even sing.

Then again, I never minded a few more minutes’ alone either.

Last night I sat out on the back porch in the dark, coffee and smartphone in hand. Dogs barked, cars pulled in and out of driveways, doors opened and shut, and I scrolled through the various social media feeds on my phone.

After I finally exhausted all that social media had to offer, such as it was, I lay my phone aside, the tiny illumination it offered thus extinguished, the dark and pleasant peace of the evening surrounding me. As I listened to the night sounds I thanked the Lord for the blessings big and small He has granted to me by the sheer goodness of His grace. I asked for wisdom and provision in this current crazy, complicated, and confusing stage of life. My mind wandered over the various obligations and activities that require my attention.

Mostly I just was.

Soon enough the door opened and my escape, such as it was, such as it usually is, was short-lived. I was joined by some of those who I love very much and I didn’t mind, not at all. We laughed and talked and enjoyed just being and then, finally, went inside as the day drew to a close.

The Lord is good. His mercies are new every morning…and every evening.

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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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