Theology and the non-intellectual (which would be me)

I’m writing over at Out of the Ordinary today about theology and the non-intellectual (which would be me)…

I’m no intellectual. Several weeks ago a couple of friends on Twitter were bemoaning the anti-intellectualism that is seemingly prevalent among evangelical women. I had to Google anti-intellectualism, thus proving their point. And mine. The truth of the matter is, if it weren’t for Google I wouldn’t understand about half of what you people talk about. I’m serious.

Yet, I’ll confess freely and often: I love theology. This passion for the study of God (“theology”) has been tepid, or even nonexistent, in years past. In other words, you’d be more apt to find me poring over the Pottery Barn catalog than the Word of God much less any of the theological tomes that now clutter my bookshelves. My love for theology has been a journey, one I stumbled upon by accident. It found me when I wasn’t even looking.

I’m a self-described stumbling theologian, meaning that I never set out to become a student of doctrine nor even a teacher of the Scriptures. Talk of this theological truth or that doctrinal interpretation bored me and seemed, frankly, rather irrelevant (see “anti-intellectual”, above). I remember years ago chatting on the phone with a long distance friend and the subject of Calvinism entering our conversation. In what context I don’t exactly remember; she was a seminary student at the time so maybe she broached the subject. At any rate I remember saying “I just don’t see how it matters, really. What’s the big deal?”

How little did I know.

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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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