Status Report, May

Sitting…at my dining room table

Drinking…coffee, black

Wishing…the rain would STOP. Already. Rain, rain go away and all that. And soon.

Feeling…lethargic, you know, the whole “rainy days and Mondays” syndrome

Catching up…on “Call the Midwife” and wanting to know where is Chummy?!?!!

Writing…a post on hospitality for my friend Jessalyn’s site Desiring Virtue. Some of you who know me well find that comical, I am sure, and in the interest of full disclosure I did tell Jessalyn from the outset that I am something of a hospitality disaster. Evidently she wants to include hospitality grace in her series thus making me a prime posting candidate (*wink*). My post will go live Monday if you’re interested.

Looking forward…to Mother’s Day with the usual mixture of joy and dislike. I love honoring our mothers, my mom and my husband’s mom and stepmom. They are well deserving of a day in their honor and it is our joy to show them our appreciation. I only wish we lived closer so we could celebrate with them in person. What I dislike about Mother’s Day is how it’s become an excuse for self indulgence. I know I’m cynical but here’s my real opinion: Mother’s Day is NOT about YOU, it’s about YOUR MOTHER. Just keepin’ it real. Ok, now I feel better.

Missing…my usual Monday MO of cramming for Bible study. The break is both needful and good but also a little sad. I feel lost without the responsibility and accountability and I will surely miss my Bible study girlfriends tomorrow!

Making…a list of potential summer projects. I do know myself well enough to admit even in its early stages my list is far too ambitious already but I like having goals, however remote their accomplishment may be. On the list: some painting projects, some deep cleaning projects, as well as a few more personal goals tied to improving my teaching and being more consistent here at the blog.

Liking…having all my guys home. Yes, my college student is home for the summer and I am glad. My second son will be entering his senior year this fall so these days are fleeting. I am treasuring them for as long as I can. Of course, with my oldest son home I find there is more laundry and less coffee but, then again, I don’t mind.

Thinking…about the overwhelming response my post on older women at Out of the Ordinary received last week. I suspected there were several of us out there in the blog world eager for community with women in a similar stage, but who knew there were, in fact, so many of us? I am encouraged and I hope the conversation continues as we seek to live worthy of the call here in the afternoon of our lives.

Praising…the Lord for His faithful provision to the young girl I mentioned in Friday’s post. The Lord is merciful! She is still sick and the doctors are still seeking answers yet the most critical danger has passed, glory to God.

Hoping…the rain abates (soon) as I really must go to the grocery store today. Happy Monday, friends! Stay dry!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “Status Report, May”

  1. I haven’t seen Season 2 of “Call the Midwife ” yet. Is there no Chummy? She was my favorite part of the show.

    So glad to hear about the young girl! God is good!

    1. I hear you! Me neither. If I hear one more person say “Since it’s MY Mother’s Day…” and fill in the blank with a given exercise in indulgence I may lose my mind. Kidding, of course. Sort of. 🙂

  2. Re: mother’s day – I have a hard time with it, in general. It always feels like a self-indulgent holiday in which mothers go around commanding and demanding. And the church we were a part of for awhile hijacked the service to spend the entire time focusing on “honoring the mothers” even down to allowing the mother’s to choose the worship music for the day.

    That was a total turn off and it’s taken some time for me to appreciate the day. In fact, I’m not even sure I do yet.

    1. Commanding and demanding is right. And focusing on the mothers in the service is just wrong. What about women who aren’t mothers but want to be? Or mothers who are mothers no longer? I am endlessly weary not only with the self indulgent focus of the day but also with the prevailing sentiment that motherhood is the pinnacle of womanhood. I love being a mother and it is without a doubt the most challenging and rewarding part of my life but I do not think challenge and reward only come to women via motherhood. Off my soapbox now… 😉

    1. Thanks, Shelly. Do you remember our email conversation from a few years ago when we talked about this very thing? I think of it often when I am wondering about my place in the internet world.

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