On Mondays and every day

I write this on a Monday. My tasks on this day are the typical Monday fare: I pack lunches. I take my son to school. I wash and fold clothes and wash and fold clothes. I unload and load the dishwasher. I walk the dog. I make a menu and then a grocery list. I grocery shop. I study and cram and think and study and cram some more as I prepare my lesson for Bible study tomorrow. I pick children up from school. I cook supper. I wash and fold clothes and wash and fold more clothes. I go to my son’s soccer game. Should I fall victim to a burst of productivity I may even clean something or post something.

This is my Monday life. It is a small life I lead, on Monday and every day, and a good one. It is not, however, the life I always wanted or at least not the one I thought I wanted. As a young girl I dreamed of the daring life of an astronaut or the important life of a nurse. As a college student, I longed for the glamour of the power suit and brief case. Even as a young mom, I dreamed of fame as an accomplished author and acclaimed Bible teacher.

Instead I wash and fold clothes and wash and fold clothes and wash and fold clothes, apart from any of the thrill and accomplishment I once longed for.

My to do list is an important tool in the (presumed) management of  my home. Typically scribbled out on a post it note prominently displayed on my microwave, my list of the day’s activities is more often a source of frustration than help. I rarely finish the day’s tasks, which is frustrating in itself but an even greater source of dismay is the fact that my Monday to do list? it hasn’t changed in years. Decades maybe. In other words, my life is not only ordinary it is the same.

I remember crying out to the Lord years ago at the height of my frustration and frustrated ambition. I wanted more than “this” and I thought I knew exactly to what and to where He had called me. I had said yes but yet it seemed to me He, God, wasn’t holding up His end of the bargain (oh, my insolence and impudence!). As I vented to the Lord via not-so-very humble prayer and petition, rather something more like a fist shake at the God of heaven and earth, I was suddenly reminded of His sovereignty and His sufficiency. Couldn’t I trust Him? Would I? If He is the One who calls and the One who provides and the One who empowers, then could I not believe Him to be and do all of those things in me and for me?

It was an “aha” moment, a sudden burst of clarity that marked my journey from that point forward. What if I never achieved the fame and fortune of my dreams? Is He not still trustworthy? Isn’t He enough? Can’t I know that He is faithful to lead according to His will and His pleasure? What release to rest, finally, in His gracious and good provision!

As I do so I discover He changes me. He not only gives me contentment in my season but He changes my heart. This has become the life I want. Boring, maybe. Full, yes.

And so it is my privilege to seek to serve Him in the dailiness of life, in those ordinary and often mundane tasks that mark my ordinary and often mundane life. Sure my life is the same and sometimes that sameness is monotonous. But because I love the Lord it is my desire to be found faithful, not merely enduring this stage in some sort of martyr complex, but joyfully serving the Lord no matter the task before me. My testimony has become: His grace is abundant, His mercies new every morning, His joy my strength. On Mondays and every day.

This is my Monday life. It is a small life I lead and, because of the Lord’s goodness and His gracious sovereignty, it is a good one.

This is the day the Lord has made and I will be glad and rejoice it!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “On Mondays and every day”

  1. It’s good to be content and to be ready for the Lord to surprise us in our contentment, too. Have a good week! BTW…you do more on a Monday then I do all week!

  2. True confessions: I don’t always do all of that on every Monday! 🙂

    “Be ready for the Lord to surprise us in our contentment”–I like that. He has. He does. Thank you for that reminder!

  3. I am catching up reading your posts, so I am reading from newest to oldest. This one was a wonderful as your Wednesday post! You expressed how I have felt so often over the years and how I continue to feel at times, even though I have been given a calling. But is was not the calling I envisioned or expected, and I am still learning to rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you for the encouragement.

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