Friday Fave Five: The Not-Blogging Edition

Well, well, well. My last post here was way back in the middle of September, which is most likely the longest hiatus I’ve taken in my six or so years of blogging. In fact, not only have I been not-blogging, some days I haven’t even opened the laptop, can you believe it? So what have I been doing? Here are five of my favorite not-blogging pastimes of late…

1. Watching football. I love football and I love football season. My youngest son played for the 7th grade team so we’ve spent our Tuesdays cheering him on. My third son plays the trombone in the high school band so we’ve enjoyed watching him perform on Friday nights at the varsity games. Incidentally, not only do we enjoy watching him doing something he enjoys so much but the show itself is really quite entertaining what with smoke and a large video screen not to mention the music of Bon Jovi. We also have been going down to my son’s college for those games on Saturdays which is a double bonus: football and seeing my boy, one of which I enjoy far more than the other!

2. Enjoying beautiful fall days. I love fall, as you well know; the leaves turning, the cooler temperatures, the boots and jeans and sweaters, all are a joy to me.

3. Taking walks with my dog Darcy. I’ve mentioned to you before her insistence bordering on harassment! If I’m honest, there are those days when I’d much rather sit on the sofa and brood rather than go walk around the block but she refuses me the indulgence, proving yet again that she is good for me, body and soul.

4. Reading. I’ve been devouring books, mostly fiction, some good, some not as much. Right now I’m reading (the non fiction book) Team of Rivals and find the contrast between the presidential politics of 1860 and that of our current election season to be quite intriguing. And Lincoln himself is such a compelling figure.

5. Writing at Out of the Ordinary. I haven’t completely fallen off the blog wagon, not yet anyway. I post every other Friday over at our group blog and have a post up today as a matter of fact. The accountability of an assigned posting day is good for me, as is the iron-sharpening-iron benefit of partnering with wise and godly women. I know I’ve said it before but I feel as if I’ve been asked to sit at the grown up’s table because those ladies I’m blogging with are smart and mature in the faith and write with integrity and wisdom.

So, there you go, some of the things I’ve been doing whilst not-blogging! Does this mark a return to more regular posting? Who can know? This fall has marked a strange stage of transition for me. I am grateful for the above blessings and for the grace of the Lord, the giver of all good things. Blessings like these, and many, many more, far too many to count or list here, all serve to point me to the greater joy I have in Jesus!

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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five: The Not-Blogging Edition”

  1. I'm grateful that I'm one of those blessed people who gets to see and converse with you on a regular basis even when life causes a hiatus in blogging. But I'm also glad to read your wonderful words of life and wisdom as well.

  2. I haven't been posting much lately either and it has been a long time since I wrote for FFF. So glad to see that you are back, Lisa. :)I enjoyed your post at Out of the Ordinary. It is always good for me to reflect on how Christ's "hope" takes away my depravity. Keeps me humble and balanced. And grateful!Have a good weekend.

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