Out of the Ordinary

So why “Out of the Ordinary” as a name for a blog? And what in the world does it have to do with the tagline “Solid Theology Building Solid Women”? I attempt to give my take on these questions today in my first post at our new group blog. Check it out here!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

2 thoughts on “Out of the Ordinary”

  1. Lisa, I am so glad I found you! You may remember me from Logoscentric. I found Out of the Ordinary via Gloria Furman, and I followed the trail here. I am blogging again, and I have been looking for other like-minded Christian women bloggers with similar interests. Do you plan to continue posting here?I saw that you volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. After my daughter went to school three years ago, I was hired to be the executive director of a brand new clinic here in our town. We have now been opened for more than two years. 62 babies saved!Blessings,Katy

  2. Katy!!! I do remember you–you were one of my first blog friends! How great that our paths have crossed yet again!I want to continue posting here and there but life is so crazy at the moment that blogging has taken a backburner. I am at Out of the Ordinary every other Friday and hopefully I will resume the blogging mantle here at Lisa writes… soon!That is so wonderful about your clinic! I love the work we do through our clinic. So glad to "see" you!!

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