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Once again I’m sharing a few posts that have piqued my interest over the last week or so. 

My pastor wrote an intriguing article about freedom of religion at Christ and Pop Culture

If you only believe in the freedom of religion for yourself and those who think like you, then you do not believe in the freedom of religion. The government’s obligation to protect the freedom of religion and its free exercise is not enshrined for the sake of Christians. It is for every last individual in the United States, including Muslims.

As a writer/blogger who struggles with a varying degree of yet ever present neurosis I found this post at Desiring God to be encouraging…

So I continue showing up at my desk every day, a sinner struggling with self-doubt. But I’m learning to call it what it is — pride. And I’m learning that my job is to simply give what little I have to God — my not nearly enough — and let him do The Impossible Thing. I’m learning to keep my eyes off the waves and fix them on him. And I’m learning to ask not, “Am I a good writer?” but instead ask, “Am I telling a good story?” 

Speaking of writing, Jared Wilson has a great list of Ten Commandments for Writers.

Elyse Fitzpatrick writes about Real Women and Their Real Savior

Yes, we have real problems but He’s given us His life. Yes, we’re real women who need real answers. But he’s a Faithful Husband who has supplied all we need. And so we look to Him we find that our hearts are satisfied, our lives transformed, and our deepest problems are solved in the shadow of the cross.

My friend Jessalyn has written a beautiful series for those who fear pregnancy perhaps due to a previous miscarriage or other such loss. Here she writes of the confidence that will sustain the woman who belongs to Christ. I encourage you to read all the posts in the series whether this is a loss you have grieved or not.

The audio and video of all the sessions of the The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference are available for viewing/listening here–and for free! I hope to indulge soon, particularly those sessions I missed.

Speaking of the women’s conference, here’s a list of recommended reads from some of the TGCW12 speakers.

Speaking of books, I really appreciated this book review posted by Mary Kassian…

when a woman has young children, they are an important part of her mission—and…sometimes, the most missional thing a mom can do is to say “no” to outside opportunities and focus on being a mom.

Also on the subject of books, Tim Challies posts 5 Reasons to Read Lit! which happens to be a great segue to my giveaway. Have you entered?

What links have you liked this week?


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Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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