Status Report, July

Sitting…at the dining room table.

Drinking…coffee. Really. Sometimes a girl needs that jolt of caffeine on a Monday afternoon no matter the current heatwave.

Weary…of the heat! Though today is admittedly somewhat cooler than the past couple of days there’s no escaping the fact that it’s HOT!

Wishing…for autumn, already.

Wanting…my kids to stop growing up. Like now. Please.

Missing…the days when my boys were content to stay at home. With me. In an environment I know and can control.

Making…a menu and a grocery list.

Not liking…cooking in the summer. Did I mention it’s so very hot? Who wants to cook in this heat? Not me, which makes doing the week’s grocery planning and shopping quite a challenge.

Planning…my first ever giveaway here on the blog! I hope to put up a post later, maybe even today.

Anticipating…our vacation later this month. We are headed back to San Diego, the whole family this time, and we are super excited.

Meeting…later this week with the moms of the boys my boy will be rooming with next year. We’ll be talking about the necessities the boys will need and divvying up shared commodities like dishes, vacuum and the like. There is a pile of things for him to take to school currently occupying the corner of the dining room and other than occasionally tossing something that direction I really haven’t given the whole idea of him leaving in a matter of weeks a whole lot of planning. Yet.

Processing…still all that we learned at TGCW12 (you know I’d have to bring it up, didn’t you?). I’ve so enjoyed reading the recaps others have posted.

Remembering…the events of four years ago that ultimately led us to our current church home.

Wondering…if I will actually get around to any of the projects I’d hoped to accomplish this summer.

Enjoying…the slower summer pace whether the projects get done or not.

Happy July, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “Status Report, July”

  1. Glad to hear your temps have cooled down a bit. We're out of triple digits today – praise God! Like you, I'm yearning for Autumn! Although I'm not looking forward to frenetic pace that school will bring. We've gotten a few projects done, but now it's time to break out the canning pots again. Hard to make myself want to do it in this heat, but I know I'll be happy to have put forth the effort when winter rolls around.As for cooking in this heat, I'm with you! I can't seem to get motivated on that. I just ordered a new planner, and I'm hoping that the blank pages will inspire me to fill them with menu plans and other projects I'd like to get accomplished. We'll see how that goes!

  2. We're heading on vacation in a couple of weeks… we love Gatlinburg, TN. Can't wait to spend some time in the mountains; hopefully, we'll be able to decompress a bit. For the record, your summer may be slipping by. Mine seems to be dragging endlessly:)peace~elaine

  3. Wow, it's already been four years since the stuff happened with the old church? How is that possible?! I find that anticipation is almost as much fun as the vacation itself! Enjoy your time.Wow – an apartment right off the bat as a freshman? Hope someone knows how to cook! LOL

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