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Yes, it’s more TGCW12-related posting. I’m not sure when (or if) we will reach the saturation point of all there is to say about the conference and the lessons learned thereof but I do know this: I’m not there yet. In fact, I’d like to share a couple of reflections from other bloggers on their experiences…

my take-away from tgcw12 by Jenn Wilkin 
Here Jen perfectly encapsulates much of my own passion for women to love God’s Word and of course she does so with far greater effectiveness and beautiful expression. 

I cried because I want to end the crisis of biblical illiteracy in the church. I cried because I am determined to rescue a generation of young women from a faith grounded only in the shifting sands of emotionalism. I cried out of sheer relief that I wasn’t alone in my hope that things can change. 

Looking Back on a Blessed TGCW12 by Kathleen Nielson 

We were there intent on seeing God more clearly, and on gaining more gospel-centered excellence where God has called us: perhaps to teach the Scriptures, perhaps to shine in the workplace, perhaps to love husbands and children—but for all of us certainly to understand and communicate well God’s living and active Word.

Somewhat related to TGCW12, I really liked this interview Tony Reinke does with Gloria Furman. Hearing others’ stories of gospel grace is always encouraging as is Gloria’s hope that more women will develop their writing lives and platforms for the glory of God.

And, finally a couple of non-TGCW12 posts…

Women, Callings, and Having It All from The Gospel Coalition

We pursue that highest calling through our everyday callings—the relationships, responsibilities, gifts, and opportunities with which God has endowed us. Our charge is to steward these endowments to God’s glory through the course of life. That means taking inventory in each of these categories to balance the possibilities, demands, and timelines of the many competing options on offer to women today.

Deficiency in Creativity is not a Mother’s Greatest Problem from Domestic Kingdom

When who I am as a woman is tied up in awesome meals I make, or the beautiful art projects my kids have painted, or even I how well I can proclaim the gospel to my kids everyday, I am done. I have failed. 

20 Quotes from Killing Calvinism from Desiring God
I really want to read this book!

“We cross a line when we are more focused on mastering theology than on being mastered by Christ.” (25)

Have you recently read (or written) anything link-worthy? Let us know in the comments!


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