Leaving on a jet plane bound for TGCW12!

In case you didn’t know, two dear friends and I are boarding a jet plane tomorrow headed to Orlando for The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference (“TGCW12”). We are beyond excited both for the getaway and for the Biblical instruction.

I’ve spent most of my morning attempting to pack. It’s merely an attempt at this point as I’ve made zero headway toward the actual act of packing, having instead strewn clothes all over my bedroom as I obsess over what to wear. It’s crazy, isn’t it? It’s making me angry with myself, this sudden wardrobe worry. Who really cares what I’m wearing anyway? I tell myself that it’s the logistics of the heat of Orlando combined with the certain chilliness of the convention center that makes outfit choices difficult but, in all honesty, I can’t escape that glimmer of vanity that wants to look cute as well as comfortable.

Enough about clothes. I’m not after all, nor do I make any pretensions to be, a fashion blogger. Not now, not ever.

I am also planning to pack my laptop and might do a little blogging, live or otherwise, while we are there. I don’t know how I will like typing a post in real time nor if I will have the time or mental energy to compose a post-session recap. So, the laptop is making the trip, all intentions are to blog, but no promises.

But, some of the sessions will be live streamed if you find my dependability a little too haphazard. Check out the link here for more info on how you can log in and watch live. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of me and my friends!

As I said earlier, I am so excited about us jet-setting down to Orlando. I think it will be an adventure, to be sure; I hope that it will also be refreshing and edifying and, yes, convicting. I know that I will encouraged as I seek the Lord with other women from around the globe. Yes, this is a conference for women but, praise God, it is not a conference about women but about God and His revelation of Himself in His Word. We will hear from the Lord as His Word is taught and we will fix our eyes on Christ, the author and perfector of our faith, and we will glory in the gospel of grace that is powerful to save. May we see Jesus! May He be glorified!

Yes. And amen.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane bound for TGCW12!”

  1. Oh how fun! I would have gone if I wasn't leaving for a missions trip next week. We could have met in Orlando! Be sure to hear Kathleen Nielson if you have a chance. She is a dear woman of God and outstanding speaker, plus she's a friend. (Her husband used to pastor our church.) She will encourage you!

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