Where in the world?

I submitted a form to be a part of an upcoming book tour and part of the information requested was the number of monthly site hits, in other words, how many times my blog is visited on an average month. I employ StatCounter to record such data but it had been so long since I’d even been remotely curious about such things that I didn’t have any clue as to my login name or password. Well, I jumped through the necessary hoops in order to reset my password, finally logged in to StatCounter’s site and was thus able to behold all sorts of data about my blog, you the reader, how you got here and how many of you may be out there.

By the way, for those of you curious about the number of monthly visits I get according to the StatCounter tally…let’s just say it was pretty dismal as blog stats go but, seriously, who would have expected anything else?

What I found to be fascinating though was the various countries from which my readers hail. The US, of course, particularly the southern portion. I knew I had a couple of readers up in Canada and at least one friend in Mexico but Norway? Belgium? The UK? The Philippines even! Japan, Ireland, Tunisia, all are represented on the visitor map and I am amazed.

I told my boys that someone from Qatar had visited my blog and it blew their minds. I know other bloggers probably enjoy a vast international presence but for me I am surprised and honored and humbled. I know, I know, it is the world wide web after all but isn’t it crazy to think that what I’m typing here on my laptop while seated at my dining room table could travel the world to land in someone else’s computer maybe in Australia? How fun is that?

Whoever you are and wherever you are and however you found yourself here at my little corner of the Internet, please know you are welcome and that I consider it a privilege that you would read the humble confessions and conundrums that make up Lisa writes…

And, just for fun, and only if you want to, post a comment and let us know where you are!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

20 thoughts on “Where in the world?”

  1. I love looking up to see who is reading and from where. I have a lot of people reading in Russia. Kinda…odd. ;D But I think those stats are fascinating! (And I wave hello to the person in Moldova …whoever they are.)

  2. You already know where I come from 🙂 I have had visitors lately from Israel, Sweden, and Ireland. There are a couple visitors from the U.K., too.

  3. Texas. And it's a safe bet Qatar was possibly my husband. We're a military fam, and sometimes I forward things along to him to read as to share what I'm learning. He''s been deployed there several times.

  4. Hellooooooooooo! Can you see me? I am waving to you from Australia. And there are lots of other Aussies who read your blog too. I suspect though, as Daphyne said, most of us read through a reader, which won't show up.

  5. I'm in Nebraska–but I'm another one who generally reads via my Reader and rarely makes it to your actual site (especially now that most of my blog reading consists of having my Kindle read out loud to me during my commute).

  6. Good Morning Lisa! Great idea for a post and way to connect with some other really cool people! I'm down in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, but this weekend I'll be in Orlando for the #TGCNWC12…hope to see you there! (PS – Hubby's family is from Trussville, AL)

  7. So… yes, Mexico is here! :)And a few friends of mine are in Belgium and UK so, I am guessing they have followed my links (on the blog and DitK fb page) to your blog. Maybe, right?Love you!

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