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Once again I’m sharing a few posts that have piqued my interest over the last week or so. Have you read (or written) anything interesting? Share a link in the comments!

I like this post from Persis, Experience-driven Christianity–my take, in which she testifies of the sufficiency of the Lord and how He sustained her through a difficult period of life…

For those who would say that theology and doctrine are dry, dull, and impractical. I would respectively disagree. The knowledge of God for Himself alone is life-changing and liberating…

I’ve broken a few of these tips over the course of my social media life: 24 Social Media Dos and Don’ts

And, along the same lines, Kevin deYoung offers The One Indispensable Rule for Using Social Media

So be careful little fingers what you post. The internet is like God and like the devil. It sees all and forgives nothing. Knowing this, I will still tweet and blog, and I’m sure I’ll make mistakes from time to time. But I hope I wont forget the one indispensable rule…

True confessions: I don’t share the gospel as often as I know that I should and that I have opportunity. Why? Is it because I don’t like that awkward moment? Desiring God addresses That Awkward Moment When We Speak the Gospel

God gives most of us this awareness of awkwardness so that we would never, not for a second, trust in or magnify ourselves and drift away from the magnificence of the gospel. This awareness in evangelism makes the gospel tangible. It means I need the gospel right now myself. Not only does my hearer need Jesus at this moment, but so do I!

Timmy Brister writes specifically in terms of the upcoming Southern Baptist Convention but I find his post helpful not merely regarding theological disagreements and controversies on the convention level but on the community level as well (have I mentioned my church is a split-turned-plant?).

And, just having read and discussed Katie’s book Kisses from Katie I was interested to read her most recent post what we’ve been up to…


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