On typing, live blogging, and silly introverted worries

I am typing this on my iPad, practicing in case I end up as industrious as I hope and do some live blogging from The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference next week. So far it’s not going well, the typing that is. My husband is a fairly proficient iPad typist but then again he never had Coach Perez for tenth grade typing class and is therefore skilled in the use of only a few fingers, something that would have never passed muster under Coach Perez’s tutelage.

Speaking of typing class, it was typing we learned, like on real typewriters. None of this keyboarding stuff with the backspace and delete key. I member being so stressed when we learned to type carbon copies. No room for mistakes then! Kids these days, they have it so easy–unless of course they did happen to learn proper typing skills and then attempted a composition via the iPad. In other words I wouldn’t say my current effort is particularly easy. Maybe I will take the laptop with me to Orlando instead.

I am excited about the conference and about hanging out for a few days with my friends who are making the trip with me. I am certain we will be learning lots and will have lots to talk about and there are few things I enjoy more than hanging out and talking about the things of the Lord with dear friends passionate about His glory.

I am also excited about meeting some of my fellow bloggers, “pixels becoming people” as I’ve heard it said. Some of us “pixels” who will be attending have been chatting it up on twitter and I’m looking forward to us meeting and chatting in real life! We’ve mentioned the possibility of a blogger meet-n-greet and I really hope that happens.

Don’t I sound so very social? If so, it’s quite unlike myself, I assure you. I love my friends, don’t get me wrong. I really am excited about the fun we will have together. I also love meeting new friends, in particular those friends I’ve only previously known via the Internet. But I must also admit to you that, as a full fledged introvert, conferences and the corresponding amount of social interaction tend to overwhelm me just a little. Ok, maybe a lot. I asked my husband the other day if he thought I could maintain a healthy, robust level of socializing through the course of the conference. Let’s just say we both hope I don’t inadvertently offend (smile).

All kidding and silly introverted worries aside, the conference is going to be great and I can’t wait to not only experience it for myself, from the teaching sessions to the meeting-and- greeting, but I’m also eager to share some of the fun here on the blog, maybe via live blogging, maybe just with a recap post or two.

Are any of you planning to be in Orlando next week? Let me know and let’s meet!

P.S. Well, it turns out that if there is any live blogging to be done it will have to be done via my laptop. It seems I can only write a post in HTML on the iPad which means there is no formatting excepting what I put in and unfortunately I’m not HTML-smart, not in the least! In case you were wondering, I’ve edited this post on my laptop otherwise it would be one long (very long) unformatted paragraph. So much for that experiment!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

8 thoughts on “On typing, live blogging, and silly introverted worries”

  1. I wish I could have made it to the conference. Maybe next year. Can't wait to hear all about it.And reading this took me back to Mrs. Harris' typing class. Definitely NOT for the faint of heart! Just thinking about the carbons sends me into full-fledged panic mode!

  2. Going with other female friends is definitely the way to go. I wouldn't even consider going alone. Getting to meet other ladies is nice, but it also has the feel of walking into the crowded cafeteria, wondering where I am supposed to sit šŸ™‚ I had to take a couple of breaks at T4G, and just be alone. It's exhausting fellowshipping all day every day, but you will have such a blessed time, I'm sure!The whole typing issue is why I'm afraid to try an iPad. I am terrible with touch screens.

  3. Two of the elders' wives from my church are going to the conference. Maybe you'll cross paths with them…I took an internet break when we went to the Ligonier conference. I wanted to live blog, but my daughter put her foot down on that.

  4. Packing the laptop is a wise decision. IMHO, on-screen-typing is the worst thing since… [I can't think of an appropriate invention to put here, so please insert your own :-)]. I learned typing on a typewriter too–in a room filled with a dozen clacking machines and flip books. I can't decide whether this day's kids have it easier or harder (they learn such awful form.)

  5. WOOHOO!!!! I didn't know you were going to the conference! Laura Lee Shaw told me about it a few months ago and I went right to work preparing a proposal for my church to send me…and they are!!!! I will be meeting up with LauraLee while I am there and would love to see you too (if you are up to it and please don't feel any pressure to). Either way it looks to be one a-ma-zing conference!

  6. I'm so excited to be there and get to meet you, Lisa! With 3,000 of us there, I think it will be easier to be an introvert. I feel more pressure at small conferences to talk to everyone.

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