What I might have blogged, had I blogged

So. Well. Despite my intentions to the contrary, the blog has remained mostly silent, more for lack of time than subject matter. To give you, faithful reader, a glimpse into life as we’ve known it this past week or two, I present yet another compilation of all the wise and wonderful (not to mention witty) blog posts I might have written, had I actually written. So, here’s what I might have blogged, given the requisite time and energy…

  • I would have reviewed Gospel Wakefulness or at the very least posted some excerpts. Suffice it to say: I liked the book very much and highly recommend it.
  • I might have told you of the May-hem that characterized the preparation for my son’s graduation from high school and our post-commencement party. Oh, wait. I already did.
  • I certainly would have written of the strange joy that accompanies those momentous occasions of your oldest son’s transition to adulthood. I would have (and still may) wax nostalgic on how quickly time flies, how proud I am of him, and how excited and happy and apprehensive and bittersweet and overwhelming I find this stage of life. I probably would have even posted pictures of the big event, pictures like this one…

Me and the graduate

  • I could have told you about his speech and how he testified of Christ as his only hope and how he soberly reflected on the loss of a fellow classmate, asserting confidence in the goodness of the sovereign Lord. Did I mention how proud we are of our boy? I didn’t cry, though, in case you were wondering.
  • I would have liked to honor my dear friends who helped me with the graduation party by letting me borrow various serving pieces, by providing BBQ and ribs to die for, and by opening my home and playing hostess on my behalf until I got here myself. Suffice it to say: my friends rock and I appreciate them all greatly! Oh, and I would have no doubt expressed gratitude for all who celebrated with us, from cards to emails to attending the ceremony to dropping by the house last Friday–we feel so loved! To our friends and family: we love and appreciate you very much!
  • I also could have told you that graduation May-hem is very difficult to recover from.
  • I might have also written of our post-graduation life, that last week of school for the the non-graduates, with the plethora of awards programs and the like. I would have lamented yet again of the hectic pace that marks the arrival of summer as well as the strange realization that we are now, finally, done with all elementary grades. Yep, my youngest will be entering middle school in the fall. Middle school? Oldest boy leaving home and youngest boy in middle school and the two in between both in high school? How can these things be?
  • I would have liked to tell you about me emailing a friend and fellow bibliophile with similar tastes in fiction asking her for her recommendations for a really, really good read perfect for post-graduation recovery. I would have probably solicited your recommendations as well! My friend sent me a list and as I glanced through it, checking my library’s online card catalog for availability, I wondered what books I would recommend should I receive a similar plea. Not an easy task but I’m thankful for my friend’s quick response and I’ve enjoyed two of her recommendations already!
  • I might have told you of my latest ponderings about mothering in these later years and the Twitter conversation I had with some friends about how moms with older children seem to be underrepresented in the blog world. My thoughts are nebulous at best but I think there are a couple of reasons for our reticence, not the least of which is we are busy. And our kids are busy. And we (me) discover the older our kids get the less we really knew about being a mom all along. Maybe I’ll write more on that later.
  • And finally, I could have posted about how we spent Memorial Day weekend at my parents’ home and had a lovely time. I could have told you of my mom’s delicious meals, her beautiful home and the fun of being with family. My nieces and nephew are so adorable!
  • We are home now and had I felt like posting a real post I might tell you how much I love coming home, how exhausted my dog Darcy is after her temporary stint as a country dog, or how I’ve spent my day washing and folding something like six or seven loads of laundry. I might also inform you of the Murphy’s Law of blogging: when you sit down to your computer even to write a mere pseudo-post your children will interrupt you no less than ten or twelve times. I’m just sayin’…

So, there you go, what I might have blogged, had I had the time and inclination to actually blog. No doubt there were many more blogging opportunities over the last couple of weeks but here is something of a snapshot of life as we know it. Real life, we are living it and I pray we are living it to the fullest, in the measure of joy and grace that the Lord has granted to us in this season. He is Life!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “What I might have blogged, had I blogged”

  1. Had you blogged, and had I commented, I might – no, I WOULD! – have said how much I loved the pic of you with your boy and how much I rejoice with you yet totally get the bittersweetness you feel in the midst of your joy. And I would have loved talking about books with you. And I would have sent you a big hug. 🙂

  2. This makes my heart happy for you!!"I could have told you about his speech and how he testified of Christ as his only hope and how he soberly reflected on the loss of a fellow classmate, asserting confidence in the goodness of the sovereign Lord."

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