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Here are some links that I liked and that made me think this week…

Does God Need Mother’s?
Here I was, feeling terribly inadequate as a wife and a mother, off to teach women much more together than myself about God’s Word. That’s when I passed another local church with this appalling message on their sign:

 God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers.

Really? That’s your Mother’s Day message of encouragement? How is this good news? That God is inadequate, so he created inadequate mothers? If that’s the case, I’m doomed!

Flee to the Cross
When I see the raging winds of anger, my failures as a mother, and my idolizing efforts turn my children into a refuge, there is only one thing to do. Run. Flee to the cross.

When I see the sin in my kids, their failures, there is only one place to send them. Run, Henry and Maggie! Hurry Lucy! Flee to the cross!

May my voice urge them on, my hands pull them forward as we run together. Faster, faster, hurry to the refuge of the cross. It is there and only there, bursting through the curtain torn in two, that we will discover the heart of God.

An open letter to pastors {a non-mom speaks about Mother’s Day}
A pastor asked all mothers to stand. On my immediate right, my mother stood and on my immediate left, a dear friend stood. I, a woman in her late 30s, sat. I don’t know how others saw me, but I felt dehumanized, gutted as a woman. Real women stood, empty shells sat. I do not normally feel this way. I do not like feeling this way. I want no woman to ever feel this way in church again.

Why Bible Study Doesn’t Transform Us
Much of what passes for Bible study in Christian bookstores and church resource libraries just isn’t: while it may educate us on a doctrine or a topic, it does little to further our Bible literacy. And left to our own devices, we pursue a host of unsavory (and un-transformative) self-constructed approaches to “spending time in the Word.” Here are several that I encounter on a regular basis…

Motherhood as Vocation
This thing I do called motherhood isn’t a badge of honour. I’m not a martyr. I’m woman with a sinful nature, redeemed by God, attempting to live out my vocation in a way that pleases God. That demands prayer and grace, not a standing ovation and a plant on the way out of the sanctuary (that is always dead by the first week of June).

You Do Not Belong To Your Children, You Belong To Christ
Make your lives revolve around Christ, not your children. I believe you will find that when we focus on Christ, our parenting will harmonize around him. You will be able to love and serve your children better.
HT: Rebecca

Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell a vivid story of a gritty New York City
Having just been to NYC, I found these photos fascinating. HT: Challies

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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

2 thoughts on “Liked and Linked”

  1. I love all your liked and linked comments! I guess I would be considered one of those empty shelled woman in the pew. God did not bless us with children. I trust all that in His hands! Thank for sharing. I always look forward to reading your blog. God bless!

  2. Thank you for your comment and I pray that you will not feel like an empty shell this Sunday…or any day…but that your confidence in the Lord's sovereign goodness will grant you boldness to serve Him however and wherever He may lead. The Lord's blessings to you!

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