Friday Fave Five, Mother’s Day edition

Susanne is hosting her Friday Fave Five carnival and in honor of Mother’s Day I am honoring my mom with five things I love about her (not the only five things, mind you, but five among many, very many!)…

1. She is a fabulous cook. And I mean FABULOUS. Not fancy-schmancy necessarily but hearty, down home cooking and it’s all good. ALL. GOOD. Just so you know what I’m talking about, when my sister and I were growing up we thought it was a great treat to go to my grandmother’s so we could have canned biscuits. That’s right. Poor us, all we had at home were the made from scratch kind.

2. She surrounds herself with beautiful things. She has impeccable taste and decorates her home with the beauty of well loved antiques as well as an eclectic mix of “found” treasures. It’s beautiful. She is also a Master Gardener and her flower beds are gorgeous.

3. She is extremely creative, a true artisan. She made most of our clothes growing up, including prom dresses, my wedding dress, and nearly every other dress I ever owned until I was out of the house–and you would never know it by looking. You should see the darling creations she smocks for my nieces! Oh, and she paints too. Such talent!

4. She loves my dad. She has always, always been his biggest champion and his most ardent supporter. That my parents loved each other fiercely has never been a cause of doubt for me or my sister and brother.  I am so thankful for their legacy of love and wholehearted devotion to each other, a love that continues to this day, as strong as ever!

5. She loves the Lord Jesus, a love reflected in her Bible marked with underlines and notes in the margins,  in listening to Chuck Swindoll every morning as she drove the car pool to school, in the way she served us as serving the Lord, with love and sacrifice.

From a post a few years ago…

As I reflect on my mom and the legacy she models for me, a legacy which by the way has nothing to do with biscuits made from scratch and everything to do with serving the Lord Jesus by serving my husband and children, I recall the mornings of my growing up years when I would find my mother out on the porch with her cup of coffee and her Bible. I knew then, as I know now, that she was praying for us, her children. It’s funny and it’s something I didn’t realize until recently, but I do the exact same thing. I sit on my porch, I drink my coffee, I read my Bible, I pray for my children. Just like my mom. I am grateful this Mother’s Day, and every day, for a godly mother who loves and serves the Lord Jesus.

Yes and amen.

Happy Mother’s day to my mom!

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Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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