What kind of blogger am I?

Despite this most recent “spurt” of posts here at the blog (if you can call it that), posting has been inconsistent at best and nearly nonexistent in fact for the longest stretch in my blogging career. It’s true that this is a crazy busy time of our lives (much like a ride at the water park as I’ve told you already) and the first maxim for any blogger ought to be to live real life first and blog later. Interestingly enough, despite the dearth of consistent posting, I have been thinking about the blog as much as ever.

In my April status report I contemplated my need for a fresh start and referred to some bloggers beginning again with different url, new blog name, and changed content focus. In response to my ruminations one dear reader emailed me with her very wise two cents’ in regard to blogging with a specific intent. Our conversation prompted some googling on my part and hence the aforementioned thinking and contemplating.

It seems that most blog “experts” agree that the narrower the focus the easier both to write and to build a readership. At first glance this doesn’t make much sense to me. It would seem that having only one main subject–fashion, crafts, homeschooling, photography, theology, and so on–would limit the author. Not true, or so they say. Blogging about any and everything paralyzes the blogger, according to those in the know, while a limited focus gives both the author something to write about and the reader clear expectations about the content.

On a side note: awhile back my friend Leslie lamented the good ol’ days of blogging when we all just blogged. No rules and best practices and clear definitions about what did and did not constitute responsible and irresponsible blogging. Now there are blogs about blogging and thus we find ourselves writing posts about finding our focus and voice as a blogger…

So, as I research google this idea of having clearly defined themes and objectives in blogging, I wonder how one goes about determining her focus. Here the blog pundits recommend exploring areas in which the blogger may be passionate about or possess a unique perspective or have some expertise in. Such self examination ought to aid the blogger in discovering her subject, at least in a broad sense.

Where do I fit? This is what perplexes me. I am reminded a little of my post a few years ago in which I lamented my lack of a proper tagline since taglines can and ought to encapsulate what the given blog is about. As you can see I did ultimately come up with the vague and not-so-very clever “Confessions and conundrums of an ordinary wife and mom,” which may or may not encapsulate what I’m doing over here.

What kind of blogger am I? A mommy blogger? Sometimes I am, to some degree. Is theology my game? Books? I find it is somewhat easier to approach the question negatively. For instance, posts on crafts will never happen. I’m too thin-skinned to engage in watchblogging. I can also rule out blogging on recipes or home decor or homemaking or fashion, though all those topics are important and I read several blogs that treat such subjects in engaging and winsome fashion and am glad for their expertise and passion.

In regard to my tagline dilemma, I wrote that…

I am a woman who yearns to make much of Jesus…and nothing of me. A simple woman. The ordinary, cracked clay pot seeking to be a vessel of His glory. A woman who despite her failings…and maybe also because of them…has determined to live for His renown. Not perfectly. Maybe not even uniquely. But wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

Yes and amen. Sufficient for a blog’s focus? I don’t know; that’s what I’m trying to decide. How ought I define myself as a blogger? Or ought I even make the attempt? Will a clearly drawn focus fuel my writing life? These are the sorts of questions I am weighing and pondering. Any insight is more than welcomed!

What about you? Do you blog with focus and concentrate on a specific theme or objective? What is it you hope to accomplish with your blog? Leave a comment about your blogging voice as well as any encouragement you may have for the rest of us looking for theirs.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “What kind of blogger am I?”

  1. My "About Me" on the first page of my blog says: "Just an ordinary woman writing about this extraordinary life with her man, her girl, and her Lord." Not exactly a narrow-focus statement. But that's what I try to do on my blog. I'm no theologian (other than arm-chair!), but I want to write about how God has worked in my life, shown His glory, and been sovereign over all. I pray that I am able to glorify Him in my attempts to document these things.Having said that, I also write about our home. I hope to encourage other women that having an uncluttered, simple life can be a blessing. In my own case, it is a truly remarkable working of the Lord that I ever realized this truth & sought to pursue it for my family. I also write about books now and then. Not nearly as often as I used to, but sometimes I pass along a good read when I find one.So, my blog is a mish-mash with no clear purpose. I pray that my blogging voice belongs to the genuine Melissa, the one those in my daily life also encounter. Like Leslie, I miss the days when everyone just blogged and didn't worry about branding, followers, etc.

  2. I've read a lot about limiting your topic also. It's an interesting thought. If I were to define my family blog, I could say it's for pastors' wives who homeschool a child with dyslexia, do home therapy with a child with autism, and are in the adoption process. Anyone? Anyone? Probably not, so I keep writing for the grandparents and anyone else who stops by. But, like you, my faith blog has no specific intended audience. I've been trying recently to change this through the tone and subjects of my posts, but not putting it on the blog, like "this blog is for pastors' wives only!" It's an interesting process. I read your blog because you're a few steps ahead of me in life. You are raising boys, reading books, and growing in godliness. I think your tagline describes you and your blog well.My philosophy is, "I'm not making money off this gig, I'm just going to write what and when I want to write."

  3. I gave up compartmentalizing my life a long time ago. It just doesn't work for me. I'm not one thing, I'm not interested in one thing. I have a central underlying purpose that I live out in many areas of my life, much like you do. Your foundation of living for Christ is your focus and it manifests itself through multiple aspects of your life. That's my two cents.Your timing is good though. I'm toying with my tagline and just changed it (still thinking about it though) to "inspiring intimate faith in the everyday." Not sure.

  4. My blog is more of an online journal of things that interest me, which is pretty varied. Plus I'd rather not be put into a single category. In the end, I hope the blog glorifies God and encourages whoever happens to read it.

  5. I think more important than the content is the purpose of your blog. The purpose I have is to encourage and edify. I do that through different means. I do tend to stick to a certain group of things to post about. I like to share what I'm reading, what I'm studying in the Bible, snippets of Church history, glimpses into my life. I think knowing why we blog is a good way to start when we think about what we want to say.

  6. Wow- what a great question to discuss in light of our all-encompassing faith!I sort of write whatever I feel like I need– like a "note to self" posted on the fridge for the whole family to see.I have at times wondered about getting very, very specific so I can focus better. But then I would have to have 10 blogs instead of 3 and subscribe to blogs for people who have a blogging addiction. 😉

  7. I know that there are some who believe that a blog’s focus should be somewhat narrow, well-defined, and fit easily into a particular niche. I am not one of them! My life is not neatly compartmentalized into the “sacred” and the “secular.” And, neither is my blog.Those are the first few lines from my "about my blog" page. 🙂 I actually prefer less-specific blogs. My humble opinion…our theology should inform our everyday living. Sometimes that means I'll write about motherhood or marriage…or about a good book I've read…or about a passage of Scripture that I've been studying. But those are all pieces of my life. Writing about just one of them feels a little one-dimensional. I love theology…but it isn't all I talk about "in real life." I am a homeschooler, and while I enjoy it thoroughly, even I get tired of talking about it endlessly. 🙂 Plus, I feel like a broader range of topics – family, ministry, humor, alongside books, cooking, and theology -helps me "get to know" the real person behind the blog.

  8. Making much of Jesus and little of yourself sounds like a good goal to me. 🙂 And I just Facebooked this line – "The first maxim for any blogger ought to be to live real life first and blog later." Gold!For me blogging is about Jesus, encouraging people to grow as Christians in any and every situation, my life, books, links, the occasional post about my kids… I don't know. A mixed bag doesn't seem such a bad thing! I think honesty, humility, prayer, writing well and carefully, and, most of all, having Jesus at the centre are key to a godly, growing readership.And, by the way, your blog is one of the very few I read enthusiastically and regularly because it's encouraging, well-written, self-revealing, self-deprecating, and, above all, Jesus-glorifying. So I wouldn't sweat it. You're doing a great job already, however often you get to it!Love Jean from in all honesty if you want to drop in and see the struggles of an Aussie blogger to make it all work!

  9. Daily on my Way to Heaven: A blog about my daily life under His sun and by His grace, until I'll see Him face to face. And my daily life has to do, of course, with those things I am learning as a daughter of God, a wife, a mother, a friend. It is in my daily life, in the day to day routine that I live the Gospel, that I practice my Theology, that I am transformed.Prayer sustains me, and that is why there is a big emphasis on cultivating a prayer life on my blog. I also love to share with my readers "borrowed words" from books I am reading, and sometimes, thoughts and ponderings from my heart.At the same time, however, a good recipe, a good laugh, and some pictures of our daily life find their place in it. The different series that *we* have brought together have also been a blessing. Knowing that the body of Christ reaches into every corner of the world makes my heart glad. God is good and this I proclaim. XOXO

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