Status Report, April

Sitting…at my dining room table. I would be out on the porch but my dog Darcy would probably bark at me as she sometimes does. It’s quite irritating, as you might imagine.

Drinking…nothing at all at the moment.

Realizing…it’s been three full weeks since I’ve posted anything. I suppose you probably noticed as well? Anyone? Anyone? Please don’t tell me if you didn’t! 🙂

Wondering…yet again about the future of the blog. Should it limp along in this half life of sporadic status reporting and occasional confessionals? Maybe I need a new start; does anyone know where I can get one? 🙂 Speaking of new starts, I never really understood the reasoning behind completely shutting down one blog in order to begin a new site with a “fresh focus.” Why not just write with the new focus on the old site? But, then again, I’ve never been much of a marketing expert–nor much of a blogger as is obvious here lately–so who am I to say?

Reading…Wednesdays Are Pretty Normal and finding it sad (a two year old boy with cancer; how could it not be sad?) but also encouraging (an amazing testimony of the Lord’s grace and goodness in the midst of suffering). I’m liking it. I’m also reading The Cross He Bore and pondering Leahy’s question at the start of the book: “If our meditation on the cross be meager, can our love for the Savior be great?” More love to Thee, Lord…

Thinking…our April and May calendars are crazy busy. That is to say, it’s the usual kind of busy plus a trip to New York for me and my husband (fun!) as well as a high school graduation and all the accompanying pomp and circumstance for my oldest son (fun! exciting! bittersweet!). It will be a whirlwind, no doubt about it, and I’m praying for the grace to experience and enjoy this stage of our lives, as frenetic the pace may be.

Planning…a post graduation party here at the house for friends and family. For some reason (I have no earthly idea WHY), I decided to search “graduation party” on Pinterest. I nearly had a coronary. Little mortarboards made of Reeese cups and Ghiradelli chocolate squares? Tell me no!!!! I’m a much simpler sort of hostess and as such there will be no elaborate centerpieces or fancy crafts. Just food. And friends. And family. And my boy, the guest of honor. And much gratitude. And joy. And I’m okay with that (not that you can’t have those things and cute crafts too).

Cleaning…like the dickens these past several days. I’ve scrubbed and washed the porch from top to bottom (oh, the pollen!), weeded flower beds, planted flowers, cleaned out my fridge, mopped my floors, in addition to the usual laundry (always and forever) and other more regularly performed domestic duties… As I tweeted earlier today: I hardly know myself anymore.

Anticipating…a fun Easter weekend with my parents and sister and brother in law (and maybe brother and sister in law) and niece(s) and nephew.

Wishing…you all a happy Spring and a joyous Easter celebration. He is risen!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “Status Report, April”

  1. You're name's Lisa? Have we met? LOL– JUST KIDDING!!!!!I'm as bad as visiting as you are at blogging. I think I missed your last status report.I'm totally with you on the Pinterest thing. Just ignore the over achievers and set out some fruit and veggie trays and brownies and have a fun party with your friends and family. You're celebrating your boy's graduation, not your ability to be Super Southern Living Hostess!

  2. We have the graduation of our youngest! Yikes, I feel o.l.d.! We don't have the fancy graduation parties or open houses here that I read about with some of my bloggy friends. But we do have the convocation then a big dinner with the whole graduation class and families where they wear they wear their fancy schmancy dress and suits and have a big grand march.Post whenever the mood strikes! It's always nice to hear from you.

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