On Valentine’s Day and ordinary days too

Y’all know I have holiday issues, mainly being that I just don’t like them. Were I to rank my dislike of specific holidays Valentine’s would probably come in as my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong: I have people in my life I love very much and I like telling them so. I just don’t like feeling as if my love is somehow better expressed on a specific day.

I once made the statement here on the blog that I didn’t need a $5 card to know my husband loves me and it’s true. My husband demonstrates his love for me day in and day out in the way he serves me and works hard to provide for me and makes me laugh and supports me and stands by me despite seeing the very worst of me. Love shows itself true and he truly loves me. Far more than I deserve and I am so grateful. He is a good man, a godly man, a man who loves the Lord Jesus and for some reason loves me too. I love him, more than ever, and certain more than a mere card or gift can express.

Lest you think us total scrooges when it comes to love, we didn’t totally ignore the holiday. Saturday night my husband took me to see a local theater’s stage adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and if that doesn’t speak of true love then I don’t know what does.

Speaking of that $5 card, my friend read that blog post, thought it hilarious, and since she was my son’s Sunday school teacher at the time and the class was making cards for their moms, she had him write on my card something like “it’s not a $5 card but I love you anyway.” She’s such a jokester, my friend. We laughed.

I have to say that I am so glad my kids are out of the Valentine party / card-giving stage. Particularly after seeing all of the pictures of beautiful Pinterest-inspired cards my Facebook friends have been posting. I cannot believe the creativity and the industry that goes into class Valentine cards! I’m afraid the box of $1.99 Buzz Lightyear cards we used to give out would no longer pass muster and I would have to deal with the corresponding mom guilt.

I did find myself pacing the candy aisle at Kmart yesterday looking for an appropriate gift for my son to give his “friend.” They’ve only been out together a couple of times so I was left wondering if the $10 box of candy is too ostentatious and indicative of too much in terms of relationship but then again would the $5 box look too cheap? What is the ratio between length of relationship and amount of Valentine candy anyway? Anyone, anyone? Unfortunately, there is no apparent protocol for these things and he of course has no idea. I settled for a small stuffed animal and a canister of chocolates. He was pleased and we hope she will be as well.

I’m thinking I will attempt a pound cake today. I have some strawberries and cool whip, which with the pound cake all seems rather celebratory and Valentine-ish. We’ll be at my son’s soccer match tonight so it will be an ordinary evening for us which is, really, my favorite kind. We love each other on the holidays, yes, but of course. Real love happens on the ordinary days too, each ordinary day making up ordinary years, a life of love that lasts.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “On Valentine’s Day and ordinary days too”

  1. ;D You and the holidays!Although, I confess, V-Day is not high up on my priority list. It just never has been and, as you point out, we love each other and show it all throughout the year. It's all good.I'm trying to imagine buying gifts for my children's "friends" some day.YOW

  2. I love this post, and completely agree. My daughter took cheap Mickey Mouse Valentines to school and that's good enough. Also, my husband and I never have made a big deal out of Valentine's Day…and this year he's out of town at school for the Army. He told me on the phone that with how busy he's been there that he forgot today is Valentines Day. I said, "You're coming home for the weekend, that's enough gift for me." I agree – we don't need a special day to demonstrate real love. Oh, and it's not only crafty Valentines now that are overdone….you should see what's happened to kids' birthday parties. Way too much…..

  3. We don't really do much on Valentine's Day, either. We'll have a quiet dinner at home with a movie sometime this weekend, but we don't even buy cards. Like you, my husband shows his Christ-like love for me every day of the year. I don't need a card to emphasize that. Buying gifts for your children's sweethearts? I'm not sure I'm ready for that one!

  4. Ha! You are the 2nd blogger in a row with the same sentiments. I stopped putting the holiday pressure on everyone years ago. Now we just go with the flow. Some years I flow more than others…

  5. I'm pretty similar with regard to such holidays. I told my son this morning that even an outrageous moron can put it on good for his wife one day a year. It takes another kind of man to be consistent. My two boys both have "friends." The older one has never been the Valentine type, but he's good to her in other ways. The younger one pays for his own sweetheart gifts, because he has a job, and more mad money than I do!

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