Status Report, February

Sitting…at the dining room table.

Wishing…it would quit raining. So dreary!

Hoping…my firstborn son has a wonderful birthday today as he marks eighteen years of life! Eighteen! Wow!

Baking…chocolate chip pies per the eighteen year old’s request!

Realizing…I usually post something nostalgic to mark these milestone birthdays but it seems to me that the more momentous the occasion and the more blogworthy such an occasion ought to be, the more difficult it is to write about. Weird, huh? Eighteen is certainly one such blogworthy milestone! I think I will post some sort of celebration soon of not only his birthday but also my corresponding advent into motherhood. Surely I can at least post a picture or two, right?

Glancing…through some photographs of the birthday boy’s birth day and feeling like I’m caught in some sort of time warp. We look so young and yet it seems like something-substantially-less-than-18 years ago!

Reading…Excellent Women by Barbara Pym and The World Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips. Enjoying both very much. I love charming British novels and I love the gospel so it’s win-win on both counts!

Enjoying…the second season of “Downton Abbey” on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater. I loved the first season too. As you know, I’m a big fan of all things Masterpiece, Downton especially. Anyone else?

Thinking…about controversies and conflicts and criticism and confrontation and how each ought to be handled, particularly between friends, especially those of the virtual variety. Is one’s responsibility different when your friendship is “only” via blogs and twitter? Hmmmmm… I once found myself, quite innocently and quite by accident, in the middle of one such bloggy maelstrom and as a total newbie blogger was both shocked and hurt by the vindictiveness of the “conversation.” Some of you have no idea of what I’m talking about so let me just say: bloggers can be an opinionated bunch!

Looking…forward to Bible study tomorrow! Last week was our first session and it was great. May the Lord use this study to encourage us and stretch us and challenge us and, ultimately, finally, change us–glory to His name! A brief stress out moment earlier this week notwithstanding, I am really excited (it’s good to feel wholly and completely inadequate, no?). I am so thankful for my friends and fellow students and I pray the Lord will richly bless the study of His Word; He is faithful!

Heading…out into the rainy dreariness as soon as I complete this post.

Happy February, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

14 thoughts on “Status Report, February”

  1. You can send some of that rain our direction! We've been getting some lately, but it doesn't quite make up for the looooong drought we experienced before it.

  2. I've been missing Downton this season. Just waiting for it to come out on DVD and requesting both seasons for my birthday :-)I understand what you mean about blogging special occasions. I have a hard time putting them into words…it seems to me that my attempt cheapens it somehow.Unfortunately, the drama in blogland seems to be at a high right now, and I'm trying to steer clear of it.Happy February to you, and happy birthday to your first born!

  3. That reminds me I still need to watch Sunday nights episode of Downton Abbey. I'm enjoying it and I had to order a DVD of season 1 since I missed the whole thing. Congrats and Happy Birthday to your 18 year old! Time flies when you have kids!

  4. Love Downton Abbey!!!!I understand having a hard time blogging momentous events, too. I'm having trouble blogging much of anything these days. Time really does fly….I learned the hard way about how hurtful we bloggers can be to each other. Just because we are 'only' friends via blogs, etc. doesn't make it hurt any less to be misunderstood and treated like an adversary over a disagreement that probably would have been handled differently if you could have talked over coffee and been able to clarify and discuss in person. It's one of the things that makes me think about giving up the whole blogging, social networking thing. Not sure I'm making sense, wish we could sit over coffee to discuss it properly, but I sure do know what you mean…..:-)

  5. I'm steering clear too! :)Downton on DVD would make an excellent gift! I re-watched season 1 on streaming Netflix prior to the start of this season and enjoyed just as much the second time around.

  6. I'm so stinkin addicted to Downton Abbey! I'm seriously wishing they just ran the show every night! I want them to go on & on! My teen daughter is hooked too!Sorry you're in a squabble with another blogger. Not cool!The flesh can be so unruly & catty!

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