In praise of Skype and friendship

I enjoyed an hour’s worth of conversation today with my friend Leslie, all via Skype. How cool is that? We didn’t video conference, at least I couldn’t see her. I think she told me she couldn’t see me either which I kind of hope is the case because, well, fair is fair. Not to mention that my attire (and hair and make up) are such that befits a stay at home mom who is staying home all day today.
We’ve chatted on the phone a few times, me and Leslie, and we’ve even met in real life, and each time we have opportunity to talk (or email or message via twitter) we always do so with the kind of ease and conversation that accompanies true friendship. We are kindred spirits, Anne would say, and I am glad our electronic paths crossed five years ago!
Today we covered topics ranging from niche blogging to publishing to 1000 Gifts to Legos to Bible study to basketball, just to name a few, and all in an hour’s time! We also talked about my apparent blogging blah’s and Leslie closed our conversation with the wish that maybe I’ll write something today. Maybe, I replied, though I was more than a little dubious.
And miracle of miracles, so I have, such as it is. I’ve said it many times here in this forum and, since it is my blog after all, I’ll say it yet again: I am so thankful for the friendship I enjoy with Leslie and with the other women bloggers who have become my friends (you know who you are!). We mentioned today with affection our “circle” of blogger friends, those women who challenge and encourage us and who actually read what we write and who have become good friends despite, in some instances, many miles, even countries, between us. Where else but the internet? Who else but our God?
Here’s to more online conversations via Skype!

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

8 thoughts on “In praise of Skype and friendship”

  1. Here! Here! Or is it, Hear! Hear! ??? Amen! (I know how to do that.)No, I could not see you, either. Next time! But I'll have to make sure everything behind me looks neat first. Aw, who am I kidding. We homeschool; there's paper everywhere.

  2. How fun!And yes, what amazing blessings to make good friends through this whole Internet thing. 🙂 Through blogging blahs and all (which I so often share, my friend). I'm glad you overcame your dubiousness and posted something after all!

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