Status Report, January

Sitting…at the dining room table

Drinking…coffee, black

Liking…the cold(er) weather. Twenty six degrees this morning and not expected to get much above freezing

Getting…back in the daily routine post-Christmas break. Today we return to the real world of school, lunch boxes, car line, and the other such daily responsibilities. I didn’t dread it but I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it either. It’s a busy week, as is usual, a busy month really. Actually it’s just a busy life at this stage!

Reading…The World Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips and a P.D. James novel and liking both very much

Hoping…to finish re-watching season 1 of Downton Abbey sometime this week before season 2 begins Sunday night on PBS

Thinking…about Bible study and whether I will teach this spring and, if yes, what I would teach and when I would teach. I’m also wondering why this has become such a difficult decision and why my confidence is so easily swayed. I don’t know what to do! Does that mean I continue as I did last fall and don’t do anything in terms of leading a group?

Making…no New Year’s resolutions this year but I do have a few vague goals I’d like to accomplish, Lord willing. I’d like to blog more, for example, and perhaps just write more in general. I always have a list in the back of my mind of projects I hope to accomplish, furniture to paint for example. I’d love to simplify in terms of our “stuff”: clean out, clear out, throw away, give away. And gain some victory (however small) over my perpetual nemesis, disorganization. All of which are, as I said, somewhat nebulous goals, subject to all sorts of other considerations like time and whim.

Looking…ahead to 2012 and all the changes that await us, the biggest being the high school graduation of our oldest son and sending him off to school in August. Wow.

Resting…in the sovereign goodness of the Lord, knowing that He will supply our every need and that following hard after Him is the highest and best resolution we can make!

Wishing…you all a happy and blessed new year, full of the grace and peace that comes from knowing Christ!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “Status Report, January”

  1. What P.D. James novel are you reading? I've got the Dan Phillips book on my Kindle, but haven't started it. I'm in the middle of Lit! right now.I've been simplifying again myself. Trying to take things to the consignment store on a weekly basis. It constantly amazes me that we have so many things we don't use. It seems that the more I purges the excess "stuff", the more excess I seem to find.We, too, are resting in His sovereign goodness and leaning on Him!Happy New Year!

  2. Is that the Death at Pemberley? (sp?) That book seems to be getting a lot of positive air time lately.I've heard good things about Downtown Abbey.Yes. Today it's back to the grindstone. On the one hand, I'm rather looking forward to the routine. On the other hand, daddy has to go back to work. (sigh)

  3. Just like Carrie, I figure you must be reading James' take on Austen. There is a ton of discussion on that one in the library over at for graduation and sending them off, my wife and I repeated a phrase over and over again: "You raise 'em up to move 'em out." Our two kids are both in college now and we have found that this is another joyful time to be sharing in their lives, even if it is not accompanied by daily face to face contact."Resting…in the sovereign goodness of the Lord …". Amen to that, Lisa!Cheers,Tim

  4. I read Death Comes to Pemberley a week or so ago and I'll just say I didn't like it as much as I thought I might, being such a fan of both Austen and James. Certainly not up to James' usual fare!Downton Abbey is wonderful! The first episode has several adult themes, more so than the rest of the series, FYI. I cannot wait for the next season!!

  5. I'm reading The Skull Beneath the Skin. I didn't list it specifically because I couldn't remember as I was typing the post and I was (obviously) too lazy to get up and see! :)I think I'd like to read Lit! though I've been a little intimidated based on what I've read about it. I'd be interested to know your thoughts!

  6. Years ago I had a dear friend who had already raised her kids and lived to tell about it and she would tell me much the same thing: we raise them to let them go. And so we do. I just didn't know it would happen so quickly! I did read James' P&P novel and didn't like it too terribly much. It was okay; not as good as neither a purely Austen novel nor a purely James novel and I'm a big fan of both!

  7. We can commiserate in the Fall, Lisa. My last one flies the coop then… not sure how that will go. Have a blessed new year. I so appreciate your blog and your friendship!

  8. My oldest has been gone to another city for 3 years now. I still miss her terribly and wished she lived closer. Exciting times at your house. The simplify thing is ongoing over here too if that makes you feel any better. Sigh.

  9. I just started (for the first time) watching the first season of Downton Abbey. So far, despite a few things I do not like, I'm enjoying it very much. We (my husband and I) just finished watching the Harry Potter movies, and it's so nice to see Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey as well. I like her.

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