The Lisa writes… 2011 Retrospective

I wanted to offer a year-in-review here at the blog, if for no other reason than to satisfy my own curiosity. I know that my posting has been sporadic at best, a practice that will certainly have an adverse effect on visits and corresponding stats. But, for what it’s worth, as best as I can figure using blogger’s own built in statistic generator, here are some interesting observations…


11. Pinterest Made Me Do It, in which I post pictures from my black interior door project

10. Bittersweet, my reflections on my son playing his last football game

9. The Cinderella Story that almost was, about my son’s soccer team and their hard-fought bid for the regional crown

8. My best mothering advice, or the lack thereof, in which offer my words of wisdom (or, not) to my friend on the brink of motherhood

7. First Day of school (and proof positive that time flies), the obligatory front porch shot as well as a photographic comparison of my son on the first day of his last year of grade school and the first day of his first year

6. Twenty, in honor of two decades of marital bliss. Oh, and another photographic comparison. 🙂

5. A post I once thought I’d never write, that post being about a dog of all things.

4. Thankfulness on Thursday, a common sort of post around here, this one particularly thankful for the goodness that is the cheese ring and the celebration of a new baby.

3. Sunday Hymn: Be Thou My Vision, my favorite hymn, though I suspect that this post’s popularity has more to do with Rebecca‘s link than my blog’s popularity (humbling, but no doubt true) and certainly has nothing to do with my writing whatsoever since, you know, I didn’t actually write it so much as type it… 🙂

2. Thoughts on Bible Study, in which I share a quote from Kathleen Nielsen’s study on Psalms as I prepare to begin facilitating our group

1. Book Review: Feminine Threads-Women in the Tapestry of Christian History, another post in which it’s popularity has little to do with my writing and mostly to do with referrals from another site. But, hey, I’ll take the site visits however I get them! 🙂


5. Happy Blog Anniversary to Me!, with 13 comments
4. Friday’s Fave Five (post tornado edition) and The evolution of a blogger, both with 14
3. What’s On My Nightstand, April with 18 comments
2. Why I Don’t Blog, with 19
1. Twenty, the most-commented post with 21

Though it seems slightly self-serving, here are some of my personal favorites. I feel a little ridiculous in choosing the posts I like best out of my own writing but, hey, blogging by its nature is somewhat self-serving. So, with that caveat, here are some of the posts I enjoyed writing this past year, again in no particular order…

I was my proud of my son Friday night as I watched him walk out of the locker room, face streaked with tears, heading straight for his daddy, hugging him and thanking him. “For everything,” he said. I may have wept some too; who could not? 

Words Fail
All in all, it was the kind of day so full of the goodness of the Lord that the keyboard and blogger are rendered inadequate to describe it.

A post I once thought I’d never write
She’s been saved twice, once from the side of the road and now again through the miracle of veterinary medical practice.

I am glad.

My best mothering advice or the lack thereof
However, just because I am hesitant to speak as one who has emerged victorious in the mommy experience doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. So, for my friend: what I have to offer isn’t advice so much as it is lessons learned. Here’s a few things, among many, that motherhood has taught me…

The evolution of a blogger
I’ve been thinking and as I reflect over my nearly five years of blogging (yes, five! Can you believe it?), I realize there are both lessons learned and blessings received, most of each being of the unexpected kind. In short I am not the blogger I was nor am I the blogger I thought I would be and for both I am glad. 

Saturday morning thoughts following a Friday night win
I love Friday night football.

I love watching my boy play.

I love watching my boy catch a pass for a touchdown.

I’m just a mom
Yesterday the bagger at the grocery store asked me if I worked. “Nope; I’m just a mom,” I said and I was glad for it. I’m just a mom, a very ordinary and flawed mom. I’m a wife, also ordinary and flawed. I know that my accomplishments, such as they are, will never be lauded at a luncheon nor will my picture adorn a wall of fame. 

So, there you have it: a glimpse at Lisa writes…, 2011. Do you have a favorite post, either from this humble blog or your own? Link up and let us know. And here’s hoping 2012 will bring many more opportunities for blog posts and comment conversation! Despite evidence to the contrary, I love blogging and I especially enjoy the interaction and friendship that I’ve discovered through this hobby. I look forward to all that the Lord has for us in the coming year…

Happy New Year, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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