Status Report, December

Sitting…at the dining room table surrounded by boxes, wrapping paper, more boxes, a lamp, and other fallout from the two day long attempt at decking the halls. It’s a mess in here.

Stressing…over the filth and mess that seems to cover every nook and cranny of my home! I know, I know, it isn’t as bad as I think it is but it is bad enough to stress me out though obviously not bad enough to stop me from blogging about it instead of, you know, cleaning something.

Decorating…for Christmas and not hating it quite so much this year as I have in years past. Except for the aforementioned filth and mess of course. I have two trees up (go, me!) and even hung garland and wreaths outside. I am markedly less Scrooge-ish this year, though not completely free of Grinchdom. Hey, it’s progress.

Listening…to Christmas music even. Sometimes I don’t even know myself.

Wondering…if my wreaths are still on the windows. It’s mighty windy out!

Thankful…for our Thanksgiving break and the time we were able to spend with family. We are so blessed. And what fun to hang out with my three little nieces and my nephew!

Reading…The Help. I read it a couple of years ago, back when it first came out, and all I remembered was that I liked it. Oh, yeah, and it had something to do with white women and their black maids in Mississippi in the 60’s. Since that’s all I remember, I’m enjoying this re-read with the discovery of a first read. I just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. Y’all were right: it’s good. Really good. Very thought provoking. Before that I read The Killer Angels and loved it. So, so good.

Thinking…through an email discussion I’m having in regard to so-called “Carnal Christians” and the tension between 1 John that states a believer who persists in sin isn’t a true believer at all and the fact that believers sin. Hello, I sin, the chief among us. Isn’t sin, sin? Or is it immaturity as my friend seemed to indicate? Sometimes semantics trip me up; hence the thinking before the emailing.

Closing…the chapter on my oldest son’s football career with the awards ceremony yesterday. It’s strange to think of it being over. For that matter, it’s strange to think of all the many things that will be over this year, in one way or another!

Feeling…a little overwhelmed at this stage of life we are in. So much is ending, so much is beginning. So much is changing, and not all for the worst. So much is difficult. So much is so good that I can hardly bear it. I feel both more confident than ever and more insecure than ever. It’s weird.

Anticipating…celebrating with the ladies from my church at our Christmas party tomorrow night. We always have such a fun time! I love my friends and sisters in the Lord!

Walking…the dog as soon as I get up from the computer. We need to hurry and get out before the rain begins. After the walk I have laundry (always and forever) to wash, dry and fold, supper to take to new parents (and thus a baby to hold, at least for a minute or two!), and yes, the mess and the filth I mentioned earlier to clean.

Wishing…you all a wonderful Monday!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “Status Report, December”

  1. I like your "Feeling.."And the Christmas mess around here is getting to me also (if you can believe it.) Today my goal is to get the remainder of the wrapping DONE and packages wrapped and addressed so that I can hightail it to the post office no later than Wednesday and then just….sit back and relax? At least the "To Do" list that involves a lot of work will be out of the way!

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