True Confessions

  • If I harbor any sort of bitter prejudice, it is against snobby, elitist soccer moms in fitness gear.
  • Such prejudice may or may not be related to some racially motivated comments made by one such soccer mom during my son’s state soccer tournament.
  • Evidently I do harbor a sort of bitter prejudice for which I must duly repent. It would seem the elitist soccer mom and I are both in need of much grace.
  • Of the four novels I checked out of the library a week or so ago I read two and put aside the other two before even getting halfway through. Of the two I read I only really liked one.
  • Sometimes I realize quite quickly that a book just isn’t worth my time.
  • And sometimes I wonder if maybe my standards for what constitutes a good book are too high.
  • Thus, despite the stack of books I have on the bookshelf yet unread, all of which are no doubt good reads, I am still restless and looking for that can’t-put-it-down-good book.
  • I am deeply appreciative of the kind words I received in regard to my Bittersweet post.
  • I really am okay. A friend told me the other day she was worried about me. I am bittersweet, yes, but in a good way. I think.
  • I do feel guilty about my younger sons rarely receiving any blog press.
  • I have three other children; did you know that? 🙂
  • I attended two Veteran’s Day programs last week at my sons’ schools. I love Veteran’s Day programs. I nearly always end up with tears in my eyes.
  • I am grateful for our veterans and their families and the sacrifices they make.
  • I cannot help but think of my good friend’s son who recently returned home after a tour in Afghanistan. I stood next to him at a football game this past fall as we sang the National Anthem. I could barely sing of the home of the brave without tears in my eyes, knowing the bravery of the Marine next to me.
  • I hardly ever remember my dreams but last week I remembered two of them very distinctly; one night’s dream had my husband getting in a fist fight, in the other everything we owned was being taken from us by force. Strange, on both counts.
  • Sometimes I wonder what I would do, who I would be, apart from my stuff. What if I really were to lose all I owned? Could Hebrews 10:34 be my testimony?
  • Last week I went to an estate sale of a gentleman my husband and I loved dearly and as I gathered a miscellany of items to purchase I thought of eternity and how fleeting our lives really are and how little our stuff matters in the end. I still bought stuff though and was glad for it.
  • However, speaking of stuff, I have been obsessing unnecessarily over finding a pair of black boots. I would be ashamed to admit to you how many hours I’ve spent combing the Zappos site.
  • I am already striving to ward off my dread of the holiday season. It’s nearly the middle of November; can you believe it?!
  • Despite my holiday issues, I do like Thanksgiving. It’s the forgotten holiday, lacking the commercialization and materialism associated with nearly every other American holiday observance. I like that. Plus, there’s good food and plenty of it.
  • But, I think that New Year’s is my favorite holiday. There’s no travel for us associated with that particular date and we just lay (lie?) around the house and watch football and be lazy all day long. I like it.
  • I love football, y’all know that. I love soccer too. But basketball? As a spectator, basketball is a whole ‘nother level in terms of excitement. I can’t wait for the start of my sons’ basketball seasons Tuesday!
  • I have worked on this post (such as it is) long enough. As much as I sometimes resent it, particularly on a Monday morning, laundry calls. 
  • Today I remind myself once again that it is my privilege to serve the Lord by serving my family and caring for my home even though I’d much rather watch an episode of Masterpiece Theater than make a grocery list. Just keepin’ it real.

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. Sorry none of your books were all that great. I haven't had a book of the can't-put-it-down variety in a while myself.Basketball and football are my favorite sports. I'll soon be having to learn field hockey, too…since my girl plans to participate in that.

  2. I enjoyed catching up with you via this post. 🙂 I go through reading "seasons" like the one you're in. Restless and picky and looking for that perfect book. Have you tried Lawhead's new series? (Skin Map and Bone House are the first two.) The first one took a while to get into but then really got going. I know you liked the Hood, etc. series…

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