Status Report, November

Sitting…at the kitchen table.

Drinking…coffee, black. Have I mentioned to you my great affection for my Keurig? My boys love it too–very handy for making a cup of hot chocolate and so they do, quite often.

Enjoying…a brown sugar bar, courtesy of Veronica’s recipe. Yummy!

Admiring…the gorgeous fall color of the tree in the backyard. I am quite certain I’ve mentioned to you my affection for the fall season, all the “-er” months as my friend Melissa says.
Attempting…to snap a picture of the beautiful gold-orange of the tree outside my French doors so you may catch a glimpse of the view I am enjoying. But, alas, I am no photographer and my lack of photography skills coupled with the use of an iPhone to take the shot, well, it doesn’t do it justice. I’ll just have to leave it to your imagination.
Celebrating…the (somewhat) successful conclusion of the Something (Anything!) 21 Day Blogging Experiment! Twenty-one (almost) consecutive posts!! Woo-hoo! 
Considering…a giveaway of some sort to make such an important milestone as 21 (almost) consecutive days of blogging. Did you know I have never, not once, in five years of blogging, ever hosted a giveaway? I’m thinking maybe I’m due…if only I could think of something way cool to give away! 
Wondering…how it got to be November already. This year is flying by all too fast!!
Trying…to wear my hair somewhat curlier and fluffier. I got a shorter cut last week but have a hard time “fixing” it without it looking like a brown football helmet (Steel Magnolias, anyone?).
Bookmarking…this series on the women of the Reformation. 
Reading…absolutely nothing. Nothing at all! For almost two weeks now! It’s killing me! Any suggestions? I want something really, really good; something I can find at our local library perhaps?
Cooking…Kim’s Tangy BBQ chicken recipe. It’s been in the crock pot for about six hours now and it smells wonderful.
Preparing…for a busy weekend of football and soccer. Our oldest son’s football team will play in the first round of the state playoffs Friday night, our second son will be playing in the state soccer tournament (multiple games over the weekend), and our youngest son’s team will be playing Saturday night for their division championship in the pee wee football playoffs. Three different venues in three different cities, mind you! Yeah, it’s crazy, but fun too.
Thinking…about the gospel and more specifically what need(s) it addresses. I’m probably not making much sense because at this point my thoughts are still rather nebulous but here’s what I’m thinking about: do I need the assurance that God loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life (both of which are true) or is it more critical that I see God as holy and my sin as wicked and depraved and that I must repent in order to know the life He offers through His Son? In other words, do I begin with me or with God as I consider the gospel? Today I heard a presentation of the “Four Spiritual Laws”; hence my pondering. I do know what I think in terms of the questions I’ve raised here; my ponderings are more along the lines of weighing the differences between the approaches and what, if any, theological implications result.

Finishing…this post so I can go put on yet another load of laundry.

Happy November, friends!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “Status Report, November”

  1. I haven't tried the Brown Sugar Bars yet, but I want to!Are you looking for fiction or non-fiction? The 2 best fiction books I've read lately are Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (you may have read it) and Year of Wonders (Geraldine Brooks). I want to read Between a Rock & A Hard Place (non-fiction), but right now I'm reading the Little House series with my girl. Actually, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed those books, so I'm not complaining. Still reading Spiritual Discernment, too. Haven't had a lot of reading time lately.

  2. As to your theological question, I believe it's gotta be both… too much "confidence" in that assurance of God's love/plan and it's tempting to go full speed cocky self-reliant ahead. Too much self-downing bc of our wicked depravity and we forget His redeeming love and how freeing that is. It's a circle, of which I think I am now completely wound within… hmm, good ponder.

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