A Monday mish mash of thoughts on blogging or the lack thereof

Have you noticed I’m posting later and later each day? Like here it is after 8 pm and I am just now sitting down to attempt to post something (anything!). It has been a crazy Monday, as it is with most Mondays, and writing, editing, posting, all have taken a back burner to such pressing pursuits like grocery shopping and washing sheets and folding laundry and having lunch with my husband. The day-to-day stuff that today was the all-day-long stuff.

My twenty-one day experiment is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated (as is obvious). I’ve been thinking today about my blogging and my future thereof, wondering if, when this experiment reaches its conclusion next week, I will want to continue. Will I discover a rejuvenation in my blogging motivation? Will I suddenly find both the time and the fodder to blog on a regular basis? I’m still uncertain and remain curious as to what spark, if any, this next few days’ of blogging will bring. I think part of me expected that my only hindrance to blogging with some degree of regularity was merely a lack of discipline. I’d gotten out of the habit, I thought; hence the 21 day experiment to jump start my writing muse. I’ve since discovered there are other complicating factors: time, for one, perhaps the biggest one. There are other issues at work too, like a general, albeit unexplained malaise with much that social media has to offer. I love social media; it’s my place in it that has me confused.

That being said, today’s something (anything) is yet again nothing though I actually do have a real post in the works, one that requires both deliberate thought and careful editing, neither of which I am able to accomplish after 8 pm, today or any day. Maybe it will see the light of day tomorrow. And I do have a couple of other posts nearly finished but languishing in the draft pile, posts also needing deliberate thought, careful editing, as well as due consideration before posting. In other words, do I really want to say what I’m saying? The conundrum of every blogger, to be sure: weighing her words to see if they are fit for public consumption. Some things, you know, are best left to oneself.

And there you have it, friends: Day 14 of Something (Anything): A 21 Day Blogging Experiment, such as it is. Seven more to go!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “A Monday mish mash of thoughts on blogging or the lack thereof”

  1. "There are other issues at work too, like a general, albeit unexplained malaise with much that social media has to offer. I love social media; it's my place in it that has me confused."Yep… debating that myself with my "31 days" series in it's last week. It's like I'm thinking I have to go all in or not at all. But maybe that's too much pressure and I just scale back to when/what I need it to be, which might look different each week.

  2. I'm with you on the malaise with social media and blogging. I have little interest in any of it these days. My blog reading has been sparse and the writing, non-existent. I think it's a combination of being busy with the day-to-day, not thinking that I have anything worthy to say that hasn't already been said by at least one of the millions of bloggers out there, and being completely overwhelmed by the volume of information (good and bad) out there through social media alone.I miss the days of good old handwritten letters and telephone conversations, though I must admit I rarely employ either anymore. *sigh*

  3. I sure would miss you if you didn't blog. But I'm there with you on the malaise, social media and blogging. I think, for me, I've decided not to pressure myself to blog. I just write when I have something I want/need to say. Don't know how much longer I'll keep it up, but for now, that works. I also know I waste too much time even when I'm not blogging or using other social media. I agree with Mrs. H. – it may look different from week to week. I don't want to miss the stuff of real life because I feel guilty about not blogging, and I really don't want my kids' biggest memory of me to be that I was distracted at the computer most of the time, which, some days……

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