In which something (anything) is really nothing at all

So, it’s day 7 of the 21 day experiment and blogger’s block has set in. Big time. So much so that last night, knowing my 21 day commitment and knowing I had nothing by way of post content for today, I polled my family for ideas. “What should I post about tomorrow?” I asked, not realizing that asking an honest question requiring a thoughtful answer is not best received while said family is sprawled out on sofa and chair in front of an NFL game.

“Write about Friday being Senior night, the last home football game,” my second son suggested. I’m guessing he figured after my post about his birthday I could easily wax nostalgic again, this time on his brother’s last few remaining games of his football career. He’s right, I can totally work nostalgic, just not today.

My oldest son just received his acceptance letter to the college of his choice; one of my guys suggested I write about that. What could I say? He’s leaving home in a matter of months; the letter just made it all the more official. And real. I’m not ready to say much more at this point. We are proud, yes. Very. I am also overwhelmed and sad and maybe in denial just a little bit. All of which you’ve heard and will no doubt hear again as we get closer and closer to the big transition.

By the way, I love that my boys are proud enough of their big brother to be so generous with his bloggy press. πŸ™‚

“Write about {insert some random object}” one of my younger sons recommended. He was being silly and he knew it. Who can write about a shoe or a pillow or whatever it was (I can’t even remember) he identified as potential blog fodder? I am not quite so talented with the keyboard to render any object interesting, and the thesaurus would only take me so far. Blogger’s block hinders whatever small (very small) degree of creativity I may have previously enjoyed.

So I sought my friend’s advice today as she and I were out walking our dogs. “What can I write about today?” I asked as we were both jerking and being jerked by our puppies on their respective leashes. “I have to post something (anything!) and I’m stuck. Only seven days in and I’m so stuck.” We had just been discussing the merits of decorating for fall. For instance, autumn decorations are the only ones that can be displayed for two months. Though neither of us actually do any such decorating, we agree maybe we will, one day. Pumpkins and mums we like. We saw some personalized artificial pumpkins and we like those too. Thus her suggestion: blog on fall decor. Unfortunately I just exhausted all I know and can therefore pontificate on in regard to autumnal design.

“Or, you could write about us walking our dogs,” she suggested, though I think that there might have been a question as to who was really walking whom, us or the puppies.

My husband and I had lunch today and I put the question to him. “You could post about YNAB” was his recommendation. We had just been discussing the budget and the ease of entering transactions via the You Need A Budget (“YNAB”) app. I could, I suppose, but the subject is much nearer and dearer to his heart than mine.

Football, my son growing up, walking my dog, budgets–these are the sort of nothings among a multitude of nothings that make up the something that is my day to day life. Thus today’s “Something (Anything)” is really nothing at all, at least nothing of significance, but perhaps it is enough of something (anything) to help me persevere in my commitment to blogging daily.

What about you? What do you do when faced with writer’s block? Where do you find post ideas?


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “In which something (anything) is really nothing at all”

  1. I'm doing better by just trying to write about the dailiness no matter how boring. I swear I can hardly put two words together anymore after pretty well neglecting my blog for the past 6 months. I'm doing better but not every day better. πŸ™‚ Love you friend!

  2. I am utterly unhelpful when it comes to bloggers block. I am more likely to find myself with plenty to write about but insufficient time in which to write it. But when I fall into either situation, I often pull out my camera and scan through the week's posts for a "Snapshot" post–a photo and a very brief (200 words max) explanation.

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