In celebration of my second boy’s sixteenth birthday, though somewhat tardily

Today I confess (once again) another failure (yes again) as both a mom and blogger: I let my second son’s birthday slip by with only the merest of mentions here on the blog. And it was a milestone birthday to boot: his sixteenth. I wouldn’t feel quite so badly–after all I do not pretend to be a prolific mommy blogger nor even a prolific blogger in general–except for the fact that his brother hitting the big 1-6 garnered a post all its own, with pictures.

So, yes, my number two boy is sixteen (plus one month and two days). Just like when his brother turned sixteen, I feel once again caught between the bitter and the sweet. So much sweet. And perhaps because his birthday is in September, right smack in the middle of the chaos that is the start of school and football season and soccer season, I sometimes feel as if I am being carried away by the swell of time passing by in such a rush so that I cannot stop and think and remember and reflect. Or, blog as the case may be. So, yeah, a twinge of sadness and melancholy too. He is growing up so fast, becoming a man right before our eyes, a good man, a Godly man, a man who in this mother’s eyes is still (will always be) her boy.

I am so proud. My boy is such a delight and brings so much joy and laughter to us. Personality-plus even as a baby, his great grandmother called him “Smiley.” See what cuteness he was then:

And what handsomeness now:

I admire his wit, his diligence, his determination to work hard at whatever goal he has set for himself, not to mention his mad hula-hoop skills! I am so grateful the Lord granted us this precious stewardship of being his parents. What joy. What blessing. I love my boy, more than I can articulate, and I pray for him, as I pray for all my boys, that he would love the Lord with all his heart, all his mind, all his soul. That he would not be ashamed of the gospel but that he would be a bold witness to the glory of the Lord Jesus in all that he does. May he walk with the Lord all the days of his life and may he always know how much his parents love him. To God be the glory!

This is my fourth post for the Something (Anything): 21 Day Blogging Experiment


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

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