Status Report, October

Sitting… at the dining room table.
Loving… our fall-ish weather. Love it. LOVE. IT.
Heading… to the big city today to spend a birthday gift card. Fun!
Wearing… BOOTS!!! Yes! On Sunday morning at church, my friend and I (both of us boot-clad of course) high-fived in celebration of the arrival of boot season. Yes and amen.
Recommending… Unbroken. Go, read it. Now. The less you know about it, the better. Even if you think you know what it’s about, read it anyway. Louie’s amazing story told with Hillebrand’s storytelling is worth the price of the book and then some.
Reading… Steven James’ novel The Queen. A suspense/thriller wasn’t really what I was looking for after finishing Unbroken (a suspense/thriller in its own right, and truth not fiction) but I’ve gotten caught up in the latest adrenaline rush from Steven James despite myself. I’m having a hard time putting it down even to type up a blog post, such as it is…
Surprised… to see my 5 Minutes for Books review of Steven James’ earlier novel in the series, The Rook, quoted in the front of The Queen. How fun is that?
Finishing… The God Who is There. Soon I hope. It has been such a rich, thought provoking, faith building read that I’ve taken my time getting through it. Good stuff. Also recommended.
Attending… in a Bible study on Tuesday mornings, the first such study I’ve done in ten years or more in which I haven’t been the teacher or facilitator or planner or leader in any form or fashion. Strange but in a good way. I find myself in something of a lull in my own teaching and being a part of this study (as a back row student no less) has been good for me. I’m thinking through some things that need thinking through.
Praying… for friends and acquaintances each enduring their own unique pain and heartache and anxiety and many other trials and heartaches and worries. Oh, God, have mercy.
Editing… a post I began Tuesday. The post itself I wrote fairly quickly but since writing it I have edited and edited and edited and edited and…to the point I despair of it ever being posted.
Wondering… why, when one hardly ever posts, one feels an inexplicable unwillingness and wariness to post anything? Wouldn’t you think that if one hasn’t posted in, say two weeks (or more), one would have all sorts of things she’d be eager to write about and that words would then come easily and quickly? Not for this blogger. Quite the contrary. I am as insecure a blogger as ever.
Watching… the illegal immigration conundrum unfold right before our eyes in very tangible ways. In fact our town has been featured in various national news outlets. Regardless of your opinion on Alabama’s new law, for many in our community the issue has names and faces. A complicated situation with no easy answers.

Wishing… you all a happy October and a wonderful fall!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

2 thoughts on “Status Report, October”

  1. Bible study and boots! I'm with you girl. Just pulled out my Justins from the closet for such a season as this. As for Bible study, I'm facilitating a very small group. I've lost my step a bit over this past year as it pertains to any type of leadership. Talk about insecurity. I've got it in spades from so many angles. Funny thing, I never really knew that I was until now. Take good care of your heart, sister, and kick up a little dust in those boots!peace~elaine

  2. I'm really enjoying Fall weather here, too. I think I've found the way around my own wariness in blogging as I've been rarely posting lately: on the rare occasions you do post, write such long posts that no one will read them anyway. Then you don't have to be wary. 😉 Actually that doesn't help. I panic for a few hours after I post most of the time these days. Happy October to you too!

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