Happy Blog Anniversary to me!

Today, September 22, marks five years of blogging here at Lisa writes… Five years! Over eight hundred and seventy posts! Who knew I once had so much to say?

However sporadic my posting may currently be, I am thankful for this hobby and for the friendships and connections I have gained with fellow bloggers literally from around the world. I am grateful for our online conversations and for the encouragement I gain from your comments and emails and blog posts. What a blessing you are to me! How good and great is our God to use the internet medium to bring into my life a community of women that I esteem and respect so!

To those of you who read and comment, to those of you who read but never comment, and to those of you who lean over at the football game or stop me in the grocery store to tell me that you read–thank you. Your choosing to stop by and read my humble thoughts (when I actually have some and post them) humbles me. I don’t know if this blog will live to see another five years or even another five months but I do know this: I love thinking through my faith and my journey as a mom and wife and sometime Bible teacher and I love writing about those things and I love interacting with you and your faith and your journey and I love that the Lord has graciously blessed me with all these for five years and some eight hundred posts, such as they are.

And, for the curious, here’s my first post: Confessions of a Newbie. I am glad to know my desire remains the same: for the Lord to be honored and for others to be encouraged. How I hope it has been so!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

13 thoughts on “Happy Blog Anniversary to me!”

  1. such an honorable beginning – wow – five years – that makes you one of the trailblazers. I've been at this a whole nine months now. I'm still learning. The nine-month though – it's been nine months – 500 posts – two blogs (What. Was. I. Thinking.) anyway, I poked around a little – hope you don't mind – and you have stayed true to your original intention – God bless you for that – I'm glad I found you on Twitter – I'm glad you followed me back – and I'm Happy Blogiversary. God bless you and keep you and each and every one of yours Lisa.

  2. I'm glad you've reached the 5 year mark, Lisa, and hope you keep going. I see evidence that your desire for the Lord to be honored and for others to be encouraged, is a reality.

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